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7 Apps to Help You Move in Seattle

November 29, 2022

Moving is stressful, no doubt about it. But thanks to your Smartphone, you have countless resources at your fingertips to help the process go smoothly. If your upcoming move is to, from or within the Seattle area, be sure to download these seven useful moving apps to help you before, during and after the move.


Before you relocate, you may wish to sell some of your belongings to simplify the move. Taping “garage sale” signs to lampposts is so 20th century. Take advantage of modern technology and get the word out by posting your moving sale on the Seattle Craigslist app. You might want to post big-ticket items individually to increase views.

Download the Craigslist app on Google Play or the App Store, enter “Seattle” as your city, and you’re ready to start selling!


Don’t have time to complete home repairs or finish deep cleaning before moving day? The TaskRabbit app is the perfect tool for outsourcing a variety of home services to qualified and fully vetted “Taskers.” Discuss an hourly rate directly through the app, set up a date and time, and just like that, your time-consuming task is taken care of.

TaskRabbit is available in most major US cities, including Seattle. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store today.


You’re excited about settling into your new home, but are you sure the couch will fit in the living room? And how do you plan on arranging the bedroom furniture? You could map it out on paper – or you could download MagicPlan to view your new space as an accurate three-dimensional floor plan. You’ll need to provide photos of your new home for the app to analyze measurements and create a 3D model for you to work with.

Download the app on Google Play or the App Store to start mapping out your new home’s furniture layout.

Moving Checklist Pro

There are so many things to remember during a move, from transferring records to changing your address to disconnecting utilities at your old house and setting them up at your new one. Moving Checklist Pro helps you keep it all straight with fully customizable checklists broken down by when you need to accomplish them.

Download the Moving Checklist Pro app on Google Play or the App Store for peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten anything important in the hustle and bustle of moving.


“Did I already pack the power drill? Which box did I put it in? Oh, where’s the wine opener?!” With Sortly, you’ll never ask these questions again. The app offers a packing to-do list, customizable options for categorizing your belongings, and even an option for printing QR labels that you can scan to see what’s inside each box. Free, Plus and Pro versions are available to meet your needs.

Download the Sortly app on Google Play or the App Store for a saner way to move.


After you get everything moved into your new Seattle home, you might realize you’re starving! But you haven’t made it to the grocery store yet, and you certainly don’t have time to eat out. Postmates is the answer to your problem. This on-demand delivery app lets you request food from your favorite restaurants in Seattle, often with an estimated delivery time of less than one hour. In fact, Postmates allows you to order any item – not just food – from virtually any store in the area.

Download the Postmates app on Google Play or the App Store so you can focus on unpacking while the food, toiletries or cleaning supplies you need are delivered straight to your door.


If you’re moving to the Emerald City, get familiar with your new neighborhood by downloading the Nextdoor app. This gives you local access to everything from recent crimes to upcoming block parties. You can even connect with people through Nextdoor to find a babysitter or get tips on which gym to join. Over 100 Seattle neighborhoods are featured in the app, so it could prove invaluable in helping you get settled after your move.

Download the Nextdoor app on Google Play or the App Store and learn about everything your new neighborhood has to offer.

With all of these apps at your disposal, you’ll find that moving isn’t so stressful after all! It also helps if you hire Puget Sound Moving for reliable, on-time moving services at competitive prices. We specialize in local moves within Seattle and long-distance moves across Washington State. Our fully equipped trucks and licensed professionals are ready to make moving day go smoothly for you and your family! Call us today to receive your free moving quote.

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