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8 Experts Share the Love for Seattle – the Best American City

November 29, 2022

Is Seattle the Best City in America? Realtors Think So.

Maybe we are biased; we think Seattle is an extraordinary place. It’s a place beckoning you to park your life here, to seek adventure, and to pursue big dreams.

We aren’t the only ones who advocate for Seattle’s alluring culture and lifestyle – not by a long shot. In a matter of minutes you can convene between a mega metropolis and a glorious natural landscape. The city is full of cultural diversity, gourmet eateries, zestful coffee, and an endless social buzz.You won’t be trapped by the city- oh no. You can easily immerse yourself in the great outdoors – the best hiking & biking trails, the stunning Mt Ranier, abundant waterways, and stunning views North America has to offer.

We have it all – the nature, the food, the culture, the landscape, the entertainment, the innovation, the eco-friendly, the technology and the history. But, of course, if these vast features do not appeal to you, then you may be better off living in a hut somewhere obscure. Seattle is for the active and the creative, the adventurous and the contemplative, the romantic and the practical, the brilliant and the sensible, the hard working and the hard partying, the passionate and the humorous, the leading and the supporting, the casual and the sophisticated.

This place is exceptional, but don’t just take our word for it. We will let the experts talk.

We sought out Seattle’s best realtors to get their take on Seattle. What makes it unique? What makes it magnetic? Why do so many personalities fit so well here? These real estate agents study Seattle’s landscape and provide a breadth of knowledge about the distinctions which make up our unique, collaborative vibe.

Bonus Tip from Tom Hume and The Hume Group about Tacoma:

And just to the south of Seattle is the city of Tacoma. Many Seattle commuters live here. It offers a number of benefits comparable to Seattle, access to Puget Sound and mountains, but with lower home prices. Being a smaller city, it is a very easy city to navigate, and parking is a breeze. Watch glass blowing masters at work at Museum of Glass, tour classic cars at America’s Car Museum, or catch a show at one of Tacoma’s many beautiful historic theaters!

Find Tom on Twitter @tomhume

For more information on Tacoma, check out our moving to Tacoma guide!

Seattle offers so much to the people who reside here. Of course, the views of the Sound, lakes, mountains and city skylines are sensational. If you are a water or snow skiing enthusiast, you will love the convenience of having them both available to you. One of the most unique aspects of Seattle living is that the all the urban core neighborhoods have their individual commercial shopping areas. Whether you live in Capitol Hill, Ballard, Green Lake, Wallingford or Queen Anne, all of these distinct areas offer an abundance of wonderful shops, restaurants, banks, etc. Most major cities have a bustling downtown area with suburb neighborhoods surrounding it and you need to drive downtown to access fun restaurants, etc. Seattle urban core neighborhoods offer their own special commercial areas which help support many local businesses and give those neighborhoods a unique vibe.

Michael can be found on Twitter @m_ackerman

“Visitors and newcomers flock to Seattle because of our verdant parks that dot the landscape and the mountains only an hour away from the city. Flanked by Puget Sound running north and south, veined by Lake Union, and anchored by Lake Washington to the east—you can’t go far without dipping your boat, kayak, or toe in the water. All this, plus award-winning restaurants, beautiful homes, robust job growth, and some of the nicest residents in the nation.”

Eric can also be found on Facebook as The Union Group Seattle

“I really think Seattle has a place for every person! We have such a diverse city which is party of what makes us so unique. It is important for people to really emerge themselves in what each neighbored has to offer. If you are an outdoor enthusiast there are so man parks with stunning views and great walking trails. Walkability is something very important to most Seattleites and so each neighborhood has a commercial district with small shops and restaurants giving residents a chance to hang out where they live. We have a great arts district in several areas. Columbia City has a few cool galleries and Pioneer Square is another great place to explore if you are interested in the arts.
Seattle has such a diverse vibe whether you crave city life and want to feel urban or if you like small neighborhoods and great outdoor access. There is just something to please every personality and style in our cool city!”

Brooke can also be found on Facebook at Brooke Davis Real Estate

Seattle is full of neighborhoods, each with a unique style and vibe, where everyone can find a place to fit in. The diversity and liberal mindedness means that all types are welcome. A strong draw to live here is the access to outdoor activities, a diverse and wide ranging arts community and an array of economic opportunities.”

Roger can also be found on Twitter as @MrRogersHoods

“Seattle has the highest income to cost ratio. Seattlans have a high average income, comparable to San Francisco or New York City, but the houses are much cheaper in comparison to those two cities. So based on the average income in Seattle the low cost of homes is a value. That’s a great value that people might not know about this city.”

Find Matt on Twitter as @mattjminer

“I think Seattle is unique because you have all the amenities of a large city with a home town feel. This city offers some of the best dining, wine, comedy, music, theatre and museums while having great neighborhoods that offer a sense of community and a small town feel. As a broker I love helping my clients find the perfect place to call home!”

Find Kim on Twitter as @KimReidy

“It’s hard to find a city with such abundance of culture, restaurants, natural beauty, recreation, and an overall community feel. Seattle and the surrounding areas have everything a person needs to live life to it’s fullest! I truly enjoy helping homeownership dreams come true in this amazing city!”

Visit Shelly on LinkedIn as Shelly Bean

“Seattle is a special city. Whether you are looking for a thriving metropolis full of great food, lively and vibrant music and cultural arts, and unique shopping or you want to be closer to nature, hiking, skiing, and kayaking and other outdoor activities, Seattle has it all. Enchanting and progressive, Seattle is the perfect place to call home!”

Check out Michael here

Thank you to all of our expert contributors! We find your descriptions of Seattle absolutely perfect.

If you find this article valuable, please share it. Let us know what you think makes Seattle the finest city in America.

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