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5 of the Best Seattle Neighborhoods

November 29, 2022

To both residents and outsiders, Seattle has a myriad of reputations. From its ability to feed intellectuals with its bookish local culture to its year-round emerald greenery. It boasts a variety of culturally enriching spaces spanning from music to art, including art museums, a symphony and even world-class glass-blowing studios. There’s a reason why Seattle is the fastest-growing big city in the nation, with a population of over 700,000. Are you moving to Seattle and aren’t sure where to take root? Look at these five charming Seattle neighborhoods to see which is the best fit for you. Whether you find yourself on a hilltop of by the waterfront, you’ll fall in love with your surroundings.


You can reach many of the city’s main attractions on foot from the neighborhood. One of such attractions is the Pike Place Market, the first farmer’s market in Seattle and a pedestrian magnet. After shopping there, stroll to the Seattle Art Museum’s Sculpture Park to enjoy the blend of art and nature.

When it comes to dining, Dahlia Bakery is a great spot for breakfast and lunch. Dinner hot spots are the lively eateries Lola and Dahlia, by author and chef Tom Douglas.

Belltown has the greatest steakhouses in the Seattle area, offering meat lovers both well-priced cuts and a top-notch dining experience.

People don’t flock to Belltown for the shopping, but it’s near the shopping area in Downtown. You can find various shops for women’s and men’s clothing as well as modern furniture galleries.

If you’re ready to hire a moving company to head to the Seattle area, this is the perfect neighborhood for you.  Residents appreciate car-free living and a location by the waterfront. It’s home to young professionals and retirees and every age in between. Belltown has about 12,000 residents and offers easy accessibility to everything you might need. Because of this, people widely consider it the best place to retire in the Seattle metro area.

South Lake Union

Its location and accessibility to public transportation make South Lake Union an easy area to get to. It was once a place that was nearly unheard of and is now a thriving, popular neighborhood. With its commitment to sustainability, SLU is a great place for environmentally aware people to reside. It is home to the most LEED-certified structures in Seattle. SLU has stations to charge electric vehicles and features Seattle’s first electric streetcar. The area is all about green living.

Explore the neighborhood with local kayaks and enjoy delicious seafood at Chandler’s Crabhouse. During the summer, the SLU brings its wooden boat festival.

If you’re looking for a great place to dine, try Le Fournil, a French bakery.

Locals love the bevy of shops and restaurants, and the lake lends a nautical flavor to the area. SLU is transforming into a hip urban neighborhood, a melting pot of low-income individuals and singles ages 20s to mid-40s.


Ballard is one of Seattle’s most beloved neighborhoods. It was once a fishing village, but today has everything you could ask for in a neighborhood; space, character, nature, and various entertainment options.

All kinds of people flock to the year-round Farmer's Market in Ballard, one of the best Seattle neighborhoods.

Enjoy historic Ballard’s boutiques, restaurants, culture, and bars. The year-round Ballard Farmer’s Market attracts all types of people, from hipsters to outdoor enthusiasts. Ballard is also a foodie’s paradise. Ballard Locks is a great place to dine during salmon season, and Golden Gardens BBQ is another must. Visit the shores to see all sorts of boats, or head further inland to learn about Scandinavian culture at the Nordic Heritage Museum. The museum showcases fine art and historical collections, and hosts children’s activity, musical performances, and major cultural events.

Ballard is a great place for families to live, too, with its strong public schools and cozy residential neighborhoods.

Queen Anne

Seattle’s tallest hill is Queen Anne at an elevation of over 450 feet. The neighborhood, with its breathtaking views and preserved 19th century architecture, is split into two subsections.

People love Lower Queen Anne. Its proximity to Elliott Bay waterfront, the Seattle Center, Belltown, and downtown make it a great place to live. Kerry Park, a space on the Hill, offers beautiful views often used on televisions shows. The area’s highlights include safety, wealth of kid-friendly establishments, and playgrounds. As such, this makes Queen Anne the ideal neighborhood for those who have children. The Queen Anne Community Center is the place to go if you enjoy arts, crafts, sports, or a dip in an indoor pool.

If you’re looking for some morning indulgence, visit Le Reve Bakery for a taste of Paris and its beautiful garden. Or you can head to Macrina Bakery for its homemade bread. Try Via Tribunali –  it’s famous for its pizza pies.

Capitol Hill

This is the place you’ll see every lifestyle conceivable while walking down the sidewalk. From college students to twenty-somethings to moms’ pushing strollers to drag queens, everyone who lives there shares their love and enthusiasm for the eclectic neighborhood. You’ll find apartment properties, condos, modern townhouses, and old brick houses. The area offers humble cottages to high-end Victorian mansions varying in price, but more affordable than Belltown and Queen Anne.

In Capitol Hill, you can visit the Harvard Exit, an art-film theatre, the Seattle Asian Museum, and Richard Hugo House, a writers’ retreat. Another great spot is Cal Anderson Park, a dog friendly location. Families love its fountain, paths, children’s play area, oversized chessboards, wading pool, and texture and reflecting pools.

Capitol Hill is also known for its international elegance, offering a range of restaurants and cuisines, from the Greek restaurant The Byzantion to Pinto Bistro Thai & Sushi Bar to India Express. Don’t miss Odd Fellows Café for Sunday brunch – you’ll enjoy its Parisian delights.

Find Home Sweet Home In These Seattle Neighborhoods

Moving is daunting – it’s not easy to become familiar with a new area. Once you figure out which neighborhood is the best fit for you, you’ll call Seattle home sweet home and won’t be able to imagine living anywhere else.

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