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Can Your Moving Company Move My Firearms?

November 29, 2022

As a moving company in Seattle, Washington we often answer questions about transporting various belongings from one place to a new destination. One of those common questions is related to the transportation of firearms. Firearm owners want to know what the proper way is to move their guns while remaining in compliance with state and federal laws.

The Firearms Owners’ Protection Act is federal legislation that protects individuals who are transporting firearms for legal reasons from any local restrictions that might otherwise forbid them passage. To break that down, it means that someone may possess and carry a firearm from and to any place where they can lawfully possess it.

However, there’s a bit more to it than that. The firearm must be unloaded and locked in a place that is out of reach. This cannot be a console or glove compartment; the trunk is typically the suggested means of transport.

As far as ammunition goes, it must be locked out of reach in the trunk or another locked container.

When it comes to moving companies, each is going to have different requirements. Some moving companies prefer not to transport guns at all, while others just require certain precautions be taken before moving them.

In general, movers tend to agree to transport guns, but will not agree to transport ammunition. Movers are typically not allowed to move items that are dangerous or have the potential for combustion. That means ammo, paint, and chemicals are not allowed.

So here’s the low down

Moving companies in Seattle, Washington can move any firearms for you. However, ammunition will have to be transported in another way. The guns need to be unloaded, cased and locked up. They can then be carried safely along with the rest of your household belongings.

Another concern that is common relates to moving firearms across state lines. This is entirely doable and can be easier than transporting the firearms yourself.

We know many are wondering why, it relates to gun laws in the particular states that are being traveled through. While individuals are protected from brief stops on a trip where transporting guns, longer stops may have other rules in place. An example would be if you choose to spend the night in a state where one of your firearms is banned. In some states, this would constitute breaking the law.

So, what gun owners need to do is make sure the company chosen agree to transport guns. Some may not, for various reasons. (But we do!)

Then it’s a matter of following procedure for the firearms by unloading them, packing them properly, and making the moving crew aware of the firearms at the time of the move.

It may seem like a lot of rules, and some of them may seem arbitrary, but it’s unlikely anyone wants to find they broke the law transporting their belongings. When it’s as simple as being aware of the federal rules and following them correctly, there’s no reason not to.

So pack up those unloaded guns and leave the rest to the trusted moving company that has been chosen to transport all precious belongings, firearms and otherwise.

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