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Hiring Cheap Seattle Movers? Warning, Cheap Can Be Expensive

November 19, 2020

Moving is stressful. Now we’re going to give you one more thing to worry about: don’t get scammed by too-good-to-be-true movers. When you get estimates from a few moving companies, one that stands out as significantly lower might seem like a gift.

Until it doesn’t.

Hiring a Cheap Mover in Seattle? Be Wary of The Racket

Think about this now, and you won’t become a victim later. Cheap movers in Seattle might very well be intending to cheat you before the move is through. Here’s how:

  1. The Deposit Double-Cross: Movers insist on a sizeable deposit. When moving day arrives, they are no place to be found. Neither is your money. You’re left high and dry. You’ve got no way to move your stuff…and a lot of the cash you’d earmarked for the job is gone forever.
  2. The Hostage Hustle: Movers quote you a really low price (frankly, you were amazed). On moving day they put your stuff into the truck, haul it to your new location, and then wait. They’re not handing over your belongings until you pay more…a LOT more.

No one wants to pay an arm and a leg to move. We get that. But a freakishly low rate is probably not a good deal. It’s a warning sign.

We’re not saying to hire the most expensive movers you can find. But companies that are surprisingly cheap may be scam artists. At best, they’re most likely not professionals. You’re likely putting all your belongings into the hands of people who don’t really know what they’re doing. And a lot can go wrong.  

We’re Not The Cheapest Seattle Moving Company But Our Reputation Is Outstanding

At Puget Sound Movers, we are professionals. We’ll quote you a fair price for your job. And we have affiliations that show we’re on the up-and-up:

Our Advice

We want you to choose Puget Sound Moving for your next relocation. But no matter which company you pick, we don’t want you to get conned. So here are some tips that will help steer you away from scammers.

  1. Check with friends and relatives for recommendations. Word of mouth is some of the best advertising movers can get.
  2. Make sure a moving company is established. Do they have a legitimate name, website, address, and phone number? Do they answer the phone with the company name? Do they have professional affiliations?
  3. Get every estimate in writing. This should be on a form with the company’s name and address…not a piece of scrap paper.
  4. Speaking of estimates, the most accurate estimates are done with a home visit. Someone who gives you a number over the phone is taking a guess, and you may pay the price later. A company representative who walks through your house and sees all your stuff will have an excellent idea about the size of truck, number of movers, and amount of time needed.
  5. If you get a quote that’s low-low-LOW, think long and hard about how a moving company can quote a price that’s so much less than others. They plan on making money on the deal. Is it going to be at your expense?
  6. Ask the moving company for recent local references and then call them.
  7. Don’t pay a big deposit up front. Reputable companies expect payment at the end of the moving job.
  8. Check out online review websites. A national site is Moving Company Reviews. Comments have been verified. Reviewers really did use the companies they write about. What’s more, you’ll see what licenses and affiliations each company has.  We curate our Seattle moving reviews for easy access.

We hope you give Puget Sound Moving a call for a free estimate, whether you need a moving company in Bellevue, Tacoma, Seattle, Kent or anywhere around! We also hope you follow our advice to have an easy-as-possible move.

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