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Our Favorite Seattle Twitter Follows

November 19, 2020

Whether you live in Seattle, visit regularly, or will be moving to Seattle soon, you do not want to miss out on all of these important Twitter recommendations we have compiled here.

Do you want to stay on top of the weather and news? We have a few options you get to choose from!

Are you a food lover? Don’t go hungry, because Seattle has incredible dining for you to experience!

Take a look at our list ranging from topics like Entertainment, Reporting, News, Sports, Community, and Culture.


KING 5 News @KING5Seattle

Get your trusted news, weather and traffic in easy tweets from King 5 news. Stay informed with current conditions and relevant news without having to look far. Also get tips to local Seattle deals and finds!

KIRO 7 @KIRO7Seattle

Seattle and western WA can keep up with the latest news, traffic and weather on KIRO 7’s Twitter feed. They provide easy to read and view info that won’t complicate your busy life.

KOMO News @komonews

Another top-notch Seattle news reporter. Komo news gives you local, relevant news and often great photos to visualize the latest happenings. They’re a family of news reporters, and who doesn’t love that?

seattlepi @seattlepi

Find the latest news reporting on this Twitter. Seattlepi offers short video clips, photos, and links to all the information you need, anytime you need it.



SIFF is all about the experience and community of film. Find their twitter full of upcoming film events, screenings, reviews and everything that has to do with film! Learn about new and old films alike that deserve your interest!

Travis Mayfield @TravisMayfield

Travis is the quirky, engaging Director of Audience Engagement at Q13 FOX & Tribune Broadcasting Seattle. He fills Twitter with clever photos, videos and posts that are both entertaining and informative. We also think his selfies are pretty masterful.

SI w/ Michael Fox @SeattleInsider

Michael Fox keeps things interesting from tweeting then and now comparison photos of Seattle, to peculiar laws you never knew existed! Spend your lunch break catching up on Fox’s entertaining Twitter feed.


Sam Argier @SamArgierKIRO7

You may recognize this friendly face as KIRO 7’s chief meteorologist. Follow him for updated forecasts, photos and videos to SHOW not just tell you about the current conditions.

Scott Sistek @ScottSKOMO

This meteorologist for KOMO news does not just report weather; he shows it! Rainy or not, Scott keeps weather interesting. Follow this guy for your fill of unique, stunning, jaw-dropping and humorous photos.

WendySueSwanson MD @SeattleMamaDoc

We have to recommend this super woman. She is so many things that can only be described as extraordinary; her Twitter proves it! You will find parenting advice, health tips, informative statistics, and a really great friend in Sue Swanson.

Bill Wixey @BillWixey

He calls himself a professional learner, which we like. With questions of the day, great pics of Seattle, and all-around interesting, important news updates. One of Seattle’s finest Twitters to follow!


Abby Bishop @Abby_Knight10

It’s important to surround yourself with people whom can inspire you. Abby inspires us. She is an Olympic Bronze medalist, WNBA champion for Seattle Storm, but more importantly she’s a great mom. Let Abby provide you with inspiring quotes, beautiful pictures of her daughter, and positive tweets for each day.

Leon Washington @Leon_Washington

We love to give our old Seattle athletes some support. Puget Sound Moving had the privilege of moving Leon out of Seattle a number of years ago, so we go back. Find Leon tweeting about his faith, family and other encouragement.

Bruce Irvin @BIrvin_WVU11

From a tough, fearless NFL player, to a dedicated father and husband, Bruce is a great guy to follow. He keeps things fresh and entertaining by asking his followers to answer his own trivia questions. Get bonus pics of his adorable little son, Bray too! Puget Sound Moving got to help with his move and believe us when we say this guy is worth your follow. He’s as real as they come.


Ryan Divish @RyanDivish

All you baseball fans, you want to follow Ryan. He’s your go-to Mariners writer, giving you the scoop, anytime you need, on the latest Mariners’ news. Get your play by plays or simply a good laugh from Ryan’s quick humor.

Danny Kelly @FieldGulls

This sports writer keeps his Twitter packed full of pro athlete tweets, sports news and photos. He has a Twitter mancrush on Michael Jordon, but who doesn’t?

Tim Lewis @LewisSports

Komo’s sports reporter who gives you photos of the day, quirky selfies with cheerleaders and current sports facts. Whether it’s his lucky tie or not, he reports sports in a fresh and unique manner.


jseattle @jseattle

Your Capitol Hill hookup to news, events, nightlife, discussions and more! Find out what’s happening in the area, share your own thoughts on local occurrences and connect with the capitol hill community.

Seattle Times Photo @SeaTimesPhoto

We know that The Seattle Times puts out top-notch reporting; if you appreciate them, you’ll want to follow this Twitter! View impressive photos from their collection displaying sports, daily news, photo of the day, and various happenings.

Eater Seattle @EaterSeattle

Where else will you find vegan ice cream sandwich buses, picnic pick-ups, and latest restaurant openings listed? Eater Seattle rocks the local restaurant news keeping foodies full. Eat well, eat right at Seattle’s cafes, restaurants, food trucks, and markets all promoted for you here.

Rebekah Denn @RebekahDenn

It’s important to get your food facts straight. Seattle has vast dining possibilities, no need ot get overwhelmed with choices. Let Rebekah help you sift through to the best. She’s a food writer and critic who works for All You Can Eat at The Seattle Times. She informs and guides you to the best food Seattle has to offer.


Wave Books @WavePoetry

Art is a wonderful aspect of any culture. Wave Books is one of Seattle’s finest contributor of poetry. Get your seasonal reading list from the pros, or submit your own poetry into one of their contests. Wave books provides splendid American poetry for book lovers and writers alike.

Seattle Met Magazine @SeattleMet

Your Seattle culture magazine tweets your finest topics, news and events to watch for. Immerse yourself in Seattle’s culture and never be bored again.

Seattle NightOut @SeattleNightOut

Looking for your weekend plans or night life adventures? Check Seattle Night Out’s tweets. They deliver your top music, entertainment, food and sports destinations for every night of the week. Get out there and enjoy yourselves, Seattle!

EMPmuseum @EMPmuseum

Seattle’s culture explodes here at the EMP museum. Find the combination of music, sci-fi, and pop culture displayed for your enrichment. Exhibits to peak your interest and fill your mind by epic proportions.

Now, you can join the conversations and connect with your pick of Favorite Seattle Twitters. Never get bored again with help from Seattle Night Out. Immerse yourself in the culture and community and don’t forget to follow sports writers for the latest sports down-low.

Have you anything to add to our list? Who do you follow in the Seattle area?

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