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How Seniors Can Find Free Moving Services in Seattle

November 29, 2022

Moving is never easy, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Often the task of moving can be overwhelming. Ranked statistically as the third most stressful life event behind the passing of a loved one and divorce, moving can be no small thing. Not to mention finding and hiring a senior moving company in the Seattle area.

One thing that can help senior citizens out as they make the journey to their new living center is the help of others assisting them.  Most often, a U-Haul and a few hands can do the trick in these situations.

Recruiting help from various sources can make all the difference in undertaking this task. See below for a few ideas and options to make the transition less stressful and more convenient.

All in the Family

Modern families are often spread far and wide across the world while still remaining in close contact due to ever changing technological advances. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of relatives in the process of moving.

Not only can this type of loyal trustworthy manpower be valuable, but the emotional and stress busting benefits can pay off far more than leaving it up to strangers.

Moving can be a difficult uncomfortable time of change and having familiar people around you that you are comfortable with who love and have your best interest at heart can be the best choice in such an often complicated process.

Family and friends can help counsel you with emotional attachments to possessions you no longer have room for and can also house some larger items and repurpose them in their own living spaces.

When it gets down to the actual nuts and bolts of moving day – hiring professional movers may still be your best option, but avoiding all the other additional services companies offer by enlisting the help of friends and family can be a smart option.

This can help save a great deal on unexpected costs and provide valuable financial and emotional support and relief.

Churches and Non-Profits

Many church organizations can be a valuable resource in connecting helpful individuals with others in need. Plenty of do-gooders are looking to make a difference in other people’s lives and assisting in a move can often fit the bill nicely.

Asking the people in your church to spread the word, and posting a notice on a community church board could create a windfall of help and support you never expected. People are often more than willing to help and generously pay it forward.

Community Centers and Local Notice Boards

Kids just out of school looking to make a couple bucks or small entrepreneurs aiming to build their client referrals will often offer moving services at next to nothing in exchange for some positive feedback and valuable word of mouth marketing.

Call around and look for local ads posted at Community Centers and on local Notice Boards for individuals and small companies offering general handy man services – they will often extend their heavy lifting and know-how at a low to no cost.

World Wide Web Resources

Take a look over local classified ad listings posted on online boards such as Craigslist featuring services offered by small moving companies, or individuals often at competitive close to free or discounted rates.

Consider posting your own ad seeking moving assistance, most sites offer free easy listings and the exposure could be priceless.

Coordinators at Care Facilities

As part of your transition to a retirement or facilitated care community be sure to ask whether these places offer any moving assistance.

They can often be a great resource for finding moderately priced movers, or include moving costs in the cost of living fee.

You’re Not Alone

Moving doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and solo undertaking. It’s important to reach out to the people in your life, your current and future neighborhood, and explore valuable resources listed online and in local community centers. With a little help, you’ll be in your comfortable new home in no time.  And if you need our hands. We’re here for you at great rates with friendly service.

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