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How to Declutter and Pack for a Move

November 29, 2022

Moving can be quite involving. In addition to the hassle of changing addresses, getting help and making sure you have all the utilities you need, there’s all that stuff in the house. To make the moving process easier, you’ll want to get rid of all the stuff you no longer use or need before packing begins. As such, it’s important to learn how to declutter and pack for a move.

How to Declutter and Pack for a Move

In this post, we’ll highlight a few tips on how to declutter your home before a move. We’ll discuss everything from decluttering and organizing boxes as you pack, to keeping cleaning supplies handy and staying on top of maintenance.

How to Approach Decluttering Before a Move

How to Declutter and Pack for a Move

Start by determining the categories of items that you won’t need to have access to until after you’ve moved to your new house. Categories might include books, toy sets. Collections, holiday items, food supplies, décor, etc. List these items out and set up two boxes and a trash can in front of you. One of the boxes will be a packing box and the other a donate box. Work on each category at a time.
Then look at the items in front of you and pull out just those items that you know you absolutely need. These are things you love or use regularly. Then once you’re done, a decluttering tip is to look at what’s left and ask yourself what you absolutely need, and determine whether to donate it or put it in the trash can.

Organizing Your Boxes as You Pack

Find a place in your home where you can stack up boxes you’ve already packed. Each time you pack, label and tape up a box, move it over to the stack. This helps to keep the workspace clean and easy to navigate. When labeling your boxes, be sure to have the room it belongs circled or in big letters so it’s clear to anyone who will be helping you move.

How to Declutter and Pack for a Move

Consider listing the basics of what’s inside the box. There’s no need to mention specifics but knowing the category of items can be quite helpful. You can also seek the help of packing services, to ensure your items are packed efficiently.

Part with Sentimental Items That Bring You Down

We often hide sentimental items in storage areas, but the fact that some of these items are never in display, where you can enjoy them every day means you can free yourself of them. If needed, journal memories about the item, take a photo of it and donate it to someone else.


Pick out enough clothes for about a week or two and pack the rest. This will make it much easier to keep your room neat and keep up with the laundry. It’s also important to keep cleaning supplies handy and keep up on your maintenance duties. Staying on top of your daily duties keeps your home in a manageable state, which is essential when packing.

Bottom Line

With these tips, you now know how to declutter and pack for a move. Don’t forget to take some time out to recharge. Decluttering and packing can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. You want to avoid spending more than 3 hours at a time on packing. Once you are all packed up, our team of professional movers here at Puget Sound Moving and Storage will ensure your belongings are moved safely.

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