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How to Move to Another State Alone

November 29, 2022

Whether you are a recent college graduate, have a job-transfer, or simply want to try something new, moving to a new state involves more steps than you might think. True to every word of it, moving to another state is like hitting the reset button; you need adequate planning for it to be successful. Here you will learn how to move to another state alone, and tips to help you prepare for the move.

Plan for Life in a new State

Before you hit the road, it is better to lay down a plan on how you will live in the new state. You can start saving for rent and home utility expenses. You can also use the security from your old home to cover for most of the transition costs. Also, remember that the cost of living varies from state to state. The monthly income that has been getting you going might not be enough in your next city.

How to Move to Another State Alone

Employed? Find out What Your Employer can Cover

How to Move to Another State Alone

If you are relocating because of work, it is possible that your company will share the cost of moving. Your company will likely compensate you for shipping, packing, storage or rent, but you will need to find out from your HR department. You might also qualify for some tax reliefs in the next year.

Get Rid of Old Items

Some items are not worth an interstate move, so it’s recommended you sort items to determine what to bring. For instance, a big TV that you bought a decade ago or old furniture. You can donate items, and/or have a yard sale to help you purchase new items once you’ve moved. In so doing you will significantly cut down your moving costs.

Prepare for Double Tax Filing

You will likely have to file double state taxes when you switch between states. That is especially so if the states collect individual income taxes. You will be obliged to file a return in your former and new state so plan for that as well.

Plan for Logistics

There are only a few ways you can move alone to a different state. One of your opens would be to hire movers. Professional movers can do everything without you having to lift a finger. You can expect that they will pack and load your belongings. They will then transport them and unpack them in your final destination. Professional mover services can be costly, but it is worth every cent if you find the best-experienced movers to keep your items safe.

Bottom Line

Learning how to move to another state alone can seem overwhelming. However, everything should go well through the process of planning, budgeting, saving,  and deciding what you will move. At Puget Sound Moving, our expert movers can ensure your items will be safely transported from start to finish.

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