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How to Pack Glass Vases for Moving

November 29, 2022

Relocating to a new place is often a happy experience. Even though packing your items may be a daunting task, it may be even more stressful finding out some of your items have been damaged during the move. If you have glass vases that you want to carry, then proper packing is very important. One mistake some people make is not taking the time to prepare their fragile items for moving and storage. Use the below guidelines on how to pack glass vases for moving and you’ll avoid the stress that comes with damaged items.

How to Pack Glass Vases for Moving

Invest in the Right Packing Boxes

The first and most important step when packing your glass vases is choosing the right box to put them in. Keep in mind the trip your items will be taking. Will they be in a van’s back for a week, or will you be shipping to another state. Consider how many times the items will be loaded and unloaded. If your items will be handled by several people, then extra care should be used when packing them. High-quality special packing boxes are ideal for moving your vases. One mistake is using cheap low-quality boxes. Invest in quality packing boxes. They may be a little expensive, but you will have the confidence that they’ll withstand any impact on the road.

Have Proper Packing Supplies

Bubble wrap, tissues, newspapers, and packing paper are just as crucial as the moving boxes. As a general rule of the thumb, pack all your glass vases individually. Use bubble wrap to wrap each vase and use newspapers to fill any empty space. Having empty spaces inside the box is very risky and if the items keep shifting, they can break even if they’re wrapped using bubble wrap. Using plastic bags to fill in the void spaces is highly discouraged because they can easily collapse around your items.

Label Your Boxes

How to Pack Glass Vases for Moving

Labeling the box containing your glass vases is a very crucial thing that you should not forget. Label the box as “breakable” or “fragile items inside” to prevent mishandling from the people who will be loading and unloading the boxes from the moving vehicle. Even if you’re the one who will be loading and unloading, it may be easy to forget that you’re carrying fragile items and end up mishandling the boxes. Also, it’s easy to confuse one box for another and end up with costly damages. To prevent all this, label the boxes appropriately and ensure the label is noticeable.

Loading onto the Moving Vehicle

After packing properly and labeling your boxes, the next step is loading them onto the moving vehicle. When loading, ensure that you use the utmost care and don’t be harsh. Arrange them slowly and gently. And, don’t pack heavy items such as furniture on top of the boxes carrying the glass vases. After reaching your destination, use the same care to unload your items.

To Summarize

Packing fragile items such as glass vases is not difficult if you have a plan and take your time. Using our guide for how to pack glass vases for moving will help keep your vases from being damaged. Knowing your items are packed correctly will help alleviate stress from moving. While moving can be stressful, no matter if you have sturdy or fragile items, Puget Sound Moving will move all items with care to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

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