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How to Properly Move Gym Equipment

November 29, 2022

Having home gym equipment at home is an ideal way of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Moving to a new home or to a new state alone is already taxing. This leaves you wondering how to properly move gym equipment safely before you ask assistance from exercise equipment movers.


You may have found yourself decluttering and moving to a new home and this is where fitness equipment moving becomes a challenge. Treadmills in particular are bulky and heavy and usually require two fitness equipment movers so ask for help from professionals.

To prepare treadmills for moving:

  1. Unplug the treadmill and make the main console and walking service meet by folding the floor part first.
  2. The lock needs to be in place before wrapping the treadmill in blankets and a plastic wrap.
  3. Lastly, tie or strap it down on a flat surface in your vehicle. If the model requires disassembling, disassemble the parts one by one and place the screws and small parts in a plastic bag.
Exercise Equipment Movers


An elliptical typically takes two or three fitness equipment movers to be moved. To disassemble:

  1. Remove the handlebars and pedals before removing the console.
  2. Separate packing each unit to avoid mixing up nuts and bolts.
  3. Moving an elliptical without disassembling it needs a packing tape or rope to secure the parts that are sticking out.
  4. Use blankets and a plastic wrap before moving it out.

Weightlifting Equipment

Exercise equipment moving without the help of gym equipment movers is quite tiring. Small weights can be grouped and placed in boxes wrapped with bubble wrap. Be careful when moving boxes upstairs or downstairs and loading them into your vehicle. It’s standard for fitness equipment moving that boxes of weights regardless of size should only be placed on the floor of the vehicle to avoid hazards.

Heavyweights need to be wrapped separately to reduce body stress. Fasten them in your vehicle using straps or ropes. Observe extra precautions since this task is dangerous without the help of professional gym equipment movers.

Exercise Equipment Moving

Stationary Bike and Exercise Bench

Exercise equipment moving for stationary bikes calls for unplugging any electrical part and packing the cords neatly. Fold the bike if the model is fold-able, and secure it in blankets and plastic wrap. You can carry a stationary bike on your own but it is still advised to ask the help of someone if possible.

One of the essentials on how to properly move gym equipment is having the right packing materials just like for packing clothes or vases. Like most of the equipment already mentioned, wrap the exercise bench using blankets and plastic wrap before moving them out of your house.

Ensure safety when moving any type of gym equipment by using gloves to improve grip, having packing and securing materials such as plastic bags, rope, tape, and scissors on hand, and using proper techniques for lifting. Also, consider protecting your carpets when moving equipment and other stuff.

Trying to figure out how to properly move gym equipment on your own is difficult as it requires a high level of safety. It is best to ask assistance from professional exercise equipment movers especially if no one at home is available to lend a helping hand.

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