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How to Protect Carpet When Moving

November 29, 2022

Moving involves a near endless list of activities; but one activity you’re likely to overlook is carpet protection. You need to know how to protect carpet when moving. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips that will help you protect your carpet when it’s time to move.

Tips on How to Protect Carpet When Moving

Utilizing Mats and Rugs

You can start by placing a welcome mat or rug outside the front door to prevent dirt and debris from being brought into your home. Consider laying another rug inside the house to act as a second line of defense in case the first mat didn’t do its job.

Use Shoe Booties

Consider having everyone who will enter your house during the move wear shoe covers. This also includes having professionals movers such as movers from Puget Sound Moving. These are easy to find, affordable and quite reliable. Moreover, shoe booties offer additional floor and carpet protection from dirt and water.

Protect the Carpet with Carpet Masking

Laying a carpet mask when moving will work wonders to protect your carpet from dirt. Carpet masking is also affordable, especially if you compare it to the cost of cleaning or repairing your current carpet. The prizes of carpet masking will vary according to the size. They’re also easy to install, self-adhesive and have non-slip surfaces.

Use Floor Runners for Wood Flooring

How to Protect Carpet When Moving

Make use of area rugs or floor runners, especially in high traffic areas as they will go a long way in protecting your carpet. You can find moving quality floor runners at your local home improvement store or from online retailers. Floor runners will typically have a self-adhesive to prevent unwanted movement when you’re carrying things around the house.

Use Furniture Sliders

In adding to making it easy to move furniture around, furniture sliders also help to protect your carpet. They can be found at most local retailers and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes to suit your preference. Sliders are commonly used for chair legs, desks and dining room tables.

Use Plywood

If you have very heavy furniture, you may need to use dollies or consider using plywood. Use plywood to create a temporary floor over your carpet. If you can’t get plywood, using rubber-wheeled dollies instead of metal-wheeled ones should do the trick.


One of the easiest and most convenient methods of protecting your carpet when moving is to quickly layer using blankets, bedsheets, drop cloths or towels over your carpet. To prevent the items from moving and being a potential tripping hazard, tape them down using blue painter’s tape.

Use Old Carpets

If you have a couple of old carpets, moving gives you an opportunity to put them to good use. You can cut the old carpet into different strips and place them on top of the existing carpet to prevent damage. Arrange them carefully to create a protective layer or skip the cutting and just lay the old carpet over your current one.

Bottom Line

With all the traffic that will be going in and out of your house when moving, it helps to take precautionary measures. Not to mention, large and bulky items will need to be carried in and out of the door. With these tips, you’ll know how to protect carpet when moving like a pro.

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