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Is Moving Stressful on a Relationship?

November 29, 2022

Is moving stressful on a relationship? The answer to this question is yes and no. Every situation is different depending on the mover(s). Factors that determine how stressful moving can be include the destination and reasons for moving. For instance, moving from one neighborhood to another within the same city does not cause a significant change as is the case with moving from one town to another. Among the reasons that make people move from one place to another, there are career changes, unemployment, safety and security, the need to start over, and the search for a better place to live. If you are moving in with your partner, there could be arguments about what to carry and what to leave behind or donate. However, when you love each other, you can always reach a common ground and compromise on a few things. Perhaps you have a special attachment to your closet or the view outside your bedroom. You need time to plan and prepare your mind for moving. Let it sink in that the environment is about to change. This way, it becomes easier adapting to the idea of moving to a new house.

Think About it

Moving becomes harder if you have children. They will have to change schools and make new friends. It will be a big change for them. Thus, it is essential that you speak with your children about why you are moving.

Puget Sound Moving and Storage wants to assure you, it is possible that if both of you are happy about changing locations, it will not be as stressful.

Is hiring a professional worth it? It is helpful to a certain point. If you have a lot of things to carry, movers come in to ensure you have an easy time transferring your belongings from your current home to the new one. However, unpacking is all on you. It would be a good idea to order food instead of preparing meals yourself. You may arrive at your new place late or too tired to cook. Consider having a sleeping bag. Assembling that bed might not a priority on arrival. Things will be all over the place.

Moving Stressful on a Relationship

Preparing for the Move

Besides psychological preparedness before moving, there are other things you need to do to ease the process. For starters, you need enough boxes for your items. Make sure you buy them in advance to prevent frustration when packing. Label each box so that when unpacking, you will know exactly where to place each box. For example, as you unpack, labeling allows you to group items for each room together for convenience purposes.

Give away things you do not need such as the baby clothes if you do not intend to have children anymore. Throw away items you do not need and which cannot help someone else.

If you are moving into a new home alone, get a friend or family member to assist you. Sometimes it can be difficult moving especially if you are not hiring professionals and yet you have plenty of belongings to carry.

Prepare for Change

Now, is moving stressful on a relationship? Whichever reason you have for moving, expect it to strain your relationship a little. It is because people react differently to change. One person in the relationship might like the idea of moving more than the other does.

Even if you both want to change locations, the process of moving can be stressful. You will have to make decisions about various things. Being away from people and an environment you are used to can be intimidating. However, with the right attitude, it is possible to look beyond the uncertainties and move to a new apartment without feeling overwhelmed.

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