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Moving to Seattle? Here are 10 Ways to Save Money

November 29, 2022
Moving Tips to Save Money

If you don’t mind the rainy and gloomy weather, Seattle is truly a city worth calling home. Home of the Seattle Seahawks and some of the country’s best coffee, Seattle has a population of more than 600,000 people. Its cost of living is also 50 points higher than the national average, with a median income average of $80,000. If you’re going to start your new life there, you’re going to want to start saving now.

Puget Sound Moving knows how expensive it can be to move, let alone stay afloat in a city like Seattle. While managing the living expenses will require some budgeting and a great job, we did figure out a few ways to help you save on your move to Seattle. Some you may have been aware of while others might surprise you. Take notes and begin saving money today.

1.      Shop Around for Moving Companies

The moment you know you’re going to move to Seattle you should start shopping around for moving companies near you. It’s always a good idea to get a few moving quotes to make sure that you’re getting the best deal. At Puget Sound Moving, we offer affordable rates and charge by the hour instead of the truckload, saving you money.

2.      Book Your Date Well in Advance

The easiest way to waste money on a move? Waiting until the last minute to look for a moving company near you. Although there are same-day moving services, you’re going to pay a bit more for the inconvenience. Booking in advance safeguards your spot and gives you the cheapest price.

3.      Choose Your Moving Date Wisely

There are popular times for moving to Seattle. Summertime and the firsts and ends of the month are the most popular. Families tend to move during the summer when kids are out of school to make the transition easier. Meanwhile, renters tend to move during the 1st or end of the month to comply with lease dates. When moving during the winter in the middle of the month, our Seattle movers are a lot less busy. Therefore, they can offer you better prices, saving you a ton of money.

4.      Purge Your Belongings

Although Puget Sound Moving doesn’t charge by the truckload, the number of things you need to move to Seattle can still impact the amount of time it takes to complete the move. The fewer things you have, the less time it takes to load and transport – which saves you money. Sort through your belongings and get rid of the things you have no use for. It may be bittersweet to part ways with things that you once enjoyed. However, holding onto them is only going to cost you in the long run.

Have a Yard Sale

5.      Have a Yard Sale

What can you do with all those things you purged to move to Seattle? You can have a yard sale or post your unwanted items online for sale. Not only has purging helped you to save money on your move, but it can help you add a few bucks to your moving budget as well. Try to price things reasonably so that you can get rid of them faster.

6.      Ask Friends and Family for Assistance with Packing

Companies like Puget Sound Moving have full-service moving options where our movers can do the entire move for you. While you may enjoy the convenience, it will cost you more than a basic package. If you want to save money on your move to Seattle, ask friends and family members to help you pack. Chances are they won’t charge you for it.

7.      Find Free Moving Supplies

Before you pay for moving supplies, it’s a good idea to see if you can find some free ones. You’d be surprised how many places you can find free moving boxes. You can check your workplace – especially if it’s an office where there are a ton of printer paper boxes. You can check dumpsters of stores and restaurants, and you can even ask around.

8.      Use What You Have for Protection

When it comes to protecting your fragile belongings, bubble wrap and other moving supplies are always reliable. If you want to save a few dollars, use what you have in the house for added cushion. Instead of buying bubble wrap, use sheets, towels, and other linens to protect your dishes, television sets, gaming consoles, and more. There’s a lot of packing tips and tricks from the Better Homes & Gardens site that would give you great ideas.

9.      Contact Your Utilities and Service Providers

A lot of people waste money on a move by simply forgetting to disconnect their services in time. Before a new billing cycle begins, it’s a good idea to contact your utility company and other service providers. Let them know when you’ll be moving. Failure to do so in time could result in paying for an extra month’s services that you haven’t even used.

10. Let the Pros Handle the Big Stuff

While there are things in the move you can do yourself, we wouldn’t recommend that you try and move things that are expensive or overly heavy. You could end up damaging your belongings or hurting yourself which would waste time and cost you money to replace. Allow expert Seattle movers who are trained to maneuver large and awkwardly shaped items.

Moving can be stressful, and many times the stress boils down to costs. The cost of moving to Seattle can be greatly decreased by using the above ten money-saving tips. It also helps to hire Puget Sound Moving, as we offer some of the most competitive moving rates. We’ll not only help you save time but save money along the way. So, give us a call today. Find out just how much money we can save you on your move to Seattle.

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