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Must Try Takeout / Delivery in Kent, WA

November 19, 2020

Take-out and delivery restaurants you absolutely have to try in Kent, Washington

If you’ve just moved to Kent, the odds are pretty good that you’re at least a little bit excited about getting everything organized and trying out your brand-new kitchen – but maybe you’re a little bit tired from the moment, and would love nothing more than to have someone else handle the cooking (at least for tonight, anyway).

Thankfully, there are a lot of really top-notch restaurants all throughout Kent that are definitely worth checking out, and some of the very best restaurants in the area not only offer take-out but also deliver. You’re going to see that it’s never a challenge to find great food at even better prices, and that you’re only a phone call away from a top-notch meal any night of the week!

Here are just a couple of the best take-out and delivery restaurants you absolutely have to try in Kent, WA.

Benson Pizza

As far as pizza in Kent is concerned, you’re going to have a real nightmare of a time trying to find any slice better than the ones you’ll uncover at Benson Pizza. A local establishment that has been a big time favorite for decades now, this is exactly what you would expect from a top notch pizza joint in Washington – amazing ingredients, kicking sauce, and just the right thickness crust cooked to perfection.

It might not be gourmet food (though some may consider it to be even better), but it’ll definitely hit the spot if you’re looking for a quick bite.

Grandma Thai Cuisine

A bit of a hidden gem in Kent, this particular Thai place is off the beaten path but rewards all who find it with some of the best Thai food you’ll find in the Northwest – even better than some of the top dishes in Seattle, even.

Seriously – this Thai food is just that good!

The prices are fair, the service is almost lightning like as far as speed is concerned, and the portions are huge for the money. If you like Thai food, this is THE place to eat.

Ishtar Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine

One of the busiest take-out and delivery places you’re going to find in all of Kent, it’s immediately obvious why you’re going to have to call at least twice to get through when placing an order – this food is unreal!

A somewhat smaller Greek place that has a very intimate feel about it, you’re going to be able to land quality Mediterranean dishes here that are packed with flavor and spices. The salads are special, the entrees are great, but it’s the gyros and the saganaki that have people coming back time and time again.

This is a must check out kind of place if you’re a fan of food from the Mediterranean.


Anything but a simple and straightforward Chinese take-out place (though you aren’t going to have any trouble whatsoever ordering you’re food or getting in faster than you probably though possible), this is a special place with special food.

The pork fired rice is out of sight, as are other Chinese take-out staples, but the wonton soup and the dumplings are “must haves” for sure. There’s something almost delicate about the texture of both of those dishes, but the flavor is so pronounced (exactly what you’d expect from actual Chinese people in the kitchen using authentic ingredients) that you’re going to be blown away with each bite.

Service is always quick (and very pleasant), so you just can’t go wrong.

Jimmy John’s

A pretty standard “fallback” for those that aren’t quite yet ready to venture out into more Kent-specific eateries, Jimmy John’s is a nationwide chain that has solid subs and other dishes that you can have sent right to your door.

It might not be quite as special as some of the other options on this list, but sometimes the familiar hits the spot perfectly when you’re getting ready to settle somewhere new.

So whether you just moved to Kent or you need to hire a local moving company, be sure to give these takeout & Delivery restaurants a try!

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