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Packing Shoes For Moving

November 29, 2022

Will you be packing shoes for moving in the near future? Whether you’ll be relocating in the same neighborhood, or 10 states away, packing isn’t the most exciting experience. When packing, also consider ways to pack that will not damage your shoes. With that in mind, here are some tips to help your shoes transit well.

Organize Your Shoes

You’ll need to sort through all the shoes you’ve accumulated over your life time, and decide which ones will be making the move with you, what you’ll donate and what you’ll discard.

  1. Set aside shoes that are too damaged or worn out to be fixed and get rid of them.
  2. Shoes that are in a relatively wearable condition, but you don’t like or use them any more – like outgrown kid shoes, uncomfortable shoes. If you have the time for a yard sale or time to find buyers online, then go ahead. Otherwise put all these shoes in a donation pile.
  3. The rest of the shoes, those you intend taking with you to your new home, should be grouped based on their material and type. So there are boots in one corner, heels in another, and sneakers in yet another. Shoes of the same material, like leather, are best grouped together.

Preparing To Pack Your Shoes

Packing Shoes for Moving

Having sorted out what you’ll be moving with, it’s time to inspect them. Note that the fewer shoes you intend packing, the less time you’ll take, so make sure absolutely everything in this pile is wearable.

  • Clean your shoes. Dust them, remove stones stuck in soles. It’s a task that has to be done and the last thing you want is to start open up dirty shoes in your new home.
  • Ensure all your shoes are completely dry, especially your sneakers. Trapped moisture could allow mold grow in them while they’re in transit.
  • For your shoes to retain their shape, stuff them up with crumpled paper (don’t use newspapers cause of ink stains) or clothes (even your socks – if they’re clean and dry).
  • Buy your packing materials. Get sturdy boxes, markers, packing tape and some packing paper.

Properly Packing Shoes For Moving

  • Pack your out of season shoes as early as possible. If it’s winter, then all your sandals and flip-flops should be packed before you pack the other shoes.
  • Set aside the shoes you’ll be wearing during the move. Preferably something sturdy, comfortable and non-slip.
  • Take great care while packing your shoes. This involves not packing your shoes in leather bags, keeping your shoes smelling fresh by leaving tea bags in them, not distorting the shape of the shoe while packing and not overloading the packing boxes.
  • Remember to place heavier shoes at the bottom, and light ones on top.

Shoe Packing Tips

While packing pairs, make sure there’s paper between them to prevent dents and scratches. This is also true if you’ll be using one box for more than one pair – put a thin paper between each layer. Line the shoe box with paper (again to prevent dents), and ensure you pad the top of the box with more paper – if there’s extra space. While packing pairs, alternate their positions.

In Conclusion

When packing shoes for moving, it’s best to have a strategy to avoid minimal damage during the move. Go through your current shoe collection and determine what shoes you no longer use, and what shoes are a must to include in the move. Whether you are utilizing storage space before the move, or plan to move all at once, Puget Sound Moving provides expert handling to move all your items safely.

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