City at a Glance – Kent, Washington

City at a Glance – Kent, WA The sixth largest city in the entire state of Washington, many regard Kent to be one of the most culturally diverse and exciting place to live in all of the Pacific Northwest. Each and every year, thousands of people move from all over the country (and many of them from across all corners … Read More

Where to Donate Goods in Puget Sound, WA

Now that you have finished unpacking after moving to Seattle, you may have noticed that you still have a few boxes worth of stuff you no longer want.  Instead of just throwing those things out, why not donate them to someone in need?  You can’t simply dump your unwanted goods on the street and wait for a passerby to pick … Read More

Must Try Take Out and Delivery Restaurants in Puget Sound, Washington

Recently hired local Seattle movers and in the process of unpacking? You may be in the middle of unpacking in your new home, but you still have to eat.  Accomplishing both goals at the same time might become impossible were it not for the convenience of the various take-out and delivery restaurants located in Puget Sound, Washington.  You do not … Read More

Puget Sound: The City at a Glance

Puget Sound: the City at a Glance Thinking about hiring a moving company in Seattle and moving to Puget Sound? You will find Puget Sound, Washington located along the northwestern coast of the United States. The city extends for about 100 miles starting up north at Deception Pass and it ends down south right around Olympia, Washington.  Although the term … Read More

Seattle Apartment Renters – How To Get Your Deposit Back

In theory, your old landlord has 14 days to send your security deposit after you move out, at least according to local renter’s laws. But Seattle apartment movers have heard enough horror stories to know things don’t always work out like that in real life. Even if your landlord does send you your security deposit promptly, you could still open … Read More

Moving in Seattle? Pro Tips on How to Save Money

Unless you decide to start a local moving company, chances are the thought of moving day fills you with dread. Apartment hunting, stubbed toes, stray packing peanuts, scratched floors, and vulnerable security deposits are enough to physically and mentally exhaust anyone. Unfortunately, moving on a budget can take stress levels to truly dangerous heights. So if you’re wondering how to … Read More

DIY Moving Tips: Packing Peanuts or Bubble Wrap?

Before moving day, you’ll need to pack up all your belongings for the big trip (before your local movers arrive, please). And in order to secure your possessions for the move, you’ll need to invest in more than just boxes. Packing materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts can help ensure that your favorite belongings and delicate electronics don’t get … Read More

Pet Friendly Moving Tips

We all know moving can be stressful, but unfortunately, it can be doubly so for your beloved pets (and kids, too!). Car sickness, potty breaks, and the anxiety pets feel can make moving day more challenging for everyone. Even the best moving companies usually can’t accommodate the family dog or cat. In the worst case scenario, you could end up … Read More

Moving From 98104 to 98122

***This is a guest post from one of our happy customers*** I needed to hire a moving company because I didn’t want to move everything myself! Why Did You Choose Puget Sound Moving Recommended by my realtor Moving From 98104 to 98122 – My Experience Awesome! The crew was professional, efficient, and careful.

Moving From Seattle to Portland

Last week we led off our series of moving out of state with an article about moving from Seattle to Los Angeles. Today we take a look at moving from Seattle to Portland and other cities. We may call ourselves Seattle movers, but we’re proud to help people no matter where they are moving to or coming from. It doesn’t … Read More