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Puget Sound: The City at a Glance

November 29, 2022

Thinking about hiring a moving company in Seattle and moving to Puget Sound?

You will find Puget Sound, Washington located along the northwestern coast of the United States. The city extends for about 100 miles starting up north at Deception Pass and it ends down south right around Olympia, Washington.  Although the term “Puget Sound” typically refers to the body of water in the area, it is also used to describe the settlement that surrounds it.  The area is named after Peter Puget, one of the main founders who began plans for the city back in 1792.

The confusing part about Puget Sound is that the title refers to both a body of water and a city.  The populated part of Puget Sound is most commonly used by locals for shopping, living, and other economical endeavors.  However, Puget Sound consists of several bays, islands, and peninsulas that work together to provide residents with a place to call home.

Overview of Puget Sound, Washington

The Puget Sound region was created by forces of nature millions of years ago.  When the Oregon Treaty was signed back in 1846, the formation of the city of Puget Sound got underway.  For a long time, the area was famous for its gold, silver, and precious metal industry, but these days the city is more popular for its shipbuilding and import/export business.  In fact, Puget Sound has been honorably recognized by Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau as a legitimate American Viticultural area as of 1955.

Locals show a lot of love for their city, especially considering the number of nicknames the area has earned over the years since it was founded.  Puget Sound’s urban region is situated at the center of Seattle, but the entire area consists of nine different counties, two center cities, and a few satellite cities that the locals refer to as “Pugetopolis.” Together, these natural and man-made attributes form what many Americans know as Puget Sound or the Seattle Metropolitan area.

Details of the City’s Average Demographic

A large portion of the population of Puget Sound is comprised of people who are interested in water, arts, and culture.  In addition, the number of women-owned businesses has begun to skyrocket over the last couple years as more and more ladies are taking the reins on some of the world’s finest companies. A lot of people in the area prefer to walk rather than to drive cars, so the atmosphere of the region is pretty laid back.  In addition, this preference has created a housing market that is unlike anything else in the country.

The average person in Puget Sound, Washington is middle-aged, although the urban areas are still filled with people from a variety of ages. Because Puget Sound is located so close to other major metropolitan areas, new influences are always being introduced to the population, making Puget Sound one of the most popular places to live for citizens young and old.  Recently, the state of Washington legalized the use of recreational marijuana, and as a result the number of people living in the area has grown exponentially.  As a more liberal region of the United States, the future of the Puget Sound region is highly unpredictable.

Reasons Why People Move to Puget Sound

Men, women, and children flock to the Puget Sound region for a lot of reasons, there is so much to do in Seattle.  The area’s laid-back approach to politics and homeland security make it a relaxing retreat for all citizens.  On top of that, Puget Sound is close to several beautiful bodies of water, making it a hot destination for folks who wish to get their feet wet or become part of the shipping and fishing trades. Puget Sound’s cost of living is rather reasonable as well, with the average cost of housing hovering somewhere around $100,000 for a single family home. The job trade in Puget Sound isn’t anything to scoff at either.  Many people move to this region for the sole purposes of finding a better job or a more inspiring life, and most of them eventually find it.

Tops Jobs and Employers

The professional industries hosted by the Puget Sound, Washington area are impressive to say the least.  The prestigious airplane manufacturer, Boeing, makes its home there for example.  In addition, there is an abundance of government careers available in the area with over 115,000 citizens employed by Navy Region Northwest, Fairchild Air Force Base, the decorated Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and a U.S. Postal Service headquarters alone. In addition, a major portion of the Puget Sound, Washington population has to thank for their paychecks.

Things to Do in the Puget Sound, Washington Area

Because local business is booming in Puget Sound and the surrounding metropolitan area, there is always something to do.  Whether you want to get closer to nature by hiking in the Cascade Mountains or if you prefer hitting the waters by heading out to the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound has an activity for you.  Millions of people each year flock to the Puget Sound area for vacations and business, making the area a hotspot for arts and spirituality.  As a result, there are a number of spectacular museums in the area including The Museum of Flight and the Seattle Art Museum. Nightlife is also not lacking the Puget Sound area, with one of the most popular places for music and cocktails being either The Mix or Bathtub Gin & Company.  No matter what you decide to do with your time once you come to Puget Sound, Washington, you will always feel inspired and welcome, so hire your moving company today and get to Puget Sound!

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