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What is the Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving

November 29, 2022

One of the biggest challenges of moving is figuring out how to pack your clothes and move them from one place to another. It’s important to know how to pack your clothes without getting them wrinkled and make sure they stay clean and organized.  While it’s easier to hire professional movers to do the job, you can still do it on your own. So, what is the best way to pack clothes for moving?

What is the Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving

Moving can be stressful on a relationship, that is why it is crucial to know the best methods to move. In this article, we’ll highlight a few tips and tricks to help you pack your clothes as smoothly as possible during your move. All you need is to spare some time and effort.

Choose What Clothes to Take with You

Start by sorting your clothes properly well before moving day. Take measures to declutter your space; this will save you plenty of time, money as well as the hassle of moving with clothes you probably don’t even remember buying. The trick here is to make sure you get rid of clothes you don’t need. It’s also important to put aside a few clothes you’ll wear on the day of the move. Make sure the clothes are comfortable and consider the weather.

Group Your Clothes for The Move

Grouping your clothes will ease the packing process and make it easier to find specific clothes once you’ve moved. This will also help you to pack clothes without getting them wrinkled. Consider sorting items by material, need, size and season. For instance, you want to avoid getting natural and cotton fabrics wrinkled by placing them on hangers.

Pack Your Clothes

Here are a few tricks that can help you keep your clothes organized and pack them without wrinkles when moving:

  • Rather than emptying the dresser, move it as is.
  • Hang clothes in wardrobe boxes – these help to protect your clothes from dirt and dust. They also have a hanging rack across the top to prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled.
  • Use suitcases
  • Pack clothes in vacuum or garbage bags – these come in handy in covering your clothes and keeping them from getting dirty. Simply pierce a hole in the bag’s bottom and pull the hangers with the clothes through the hole before tying a knot on the bottom.
  • Wrap clothes in sheets or in plastic
  • Wrap breakable items in clothing
  • Use regular boxes – be sure to label the boxes

More Tips

There are several other things to keep in mind when packing your clothes for a move:

  • Don’t put jewelry with clothing to avoid tearing or snagging your clothes
  • Be sure to clean and dry your clothes before packing them
  • Separate delicate clothing with cloths or layers of paper towels
  • Make sure lighter items are on top of heavy items.

Bottom Line

The tips and tricks above answer the question: what is the best way to pack clothes for moving. You can make the process less stressful by starting the packing process as soon as possible. And if some of your clothes are going to be packed away for a long time, consider spraying them with an insect repellent designed for clothes to prevent spiders and ants from camping in you. For more expert advice about moving your clothes, contact our professionals here at Puget Sound Moving.

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