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Where to Donate Goods in Puget Sound, WA

November 19, 2020

Now that you have finished unpacking after moving to Seattle, you may have noticed that you still have a few boxes worth of stuff you no longer want.  Instead of just throwing those things out, why not donate them to someone in need?  You can’t simply dump your unwanted goods on the street and wait for a passerby to pick it up, but you’re new to the area so you have no idea where donation centers are even located.   In order to get all that junk out of your hair you need to become familiar with the best places to donate in Puget Sound, WA.  You can ask your Seattle moving company, or you can check out this list…

Big Brothers Big Sisters

This charitable non-profit organization is designed to mentor and inspire young minds with the help of a respectable role model.  Although donating your time is always welcomed, the organization also accepts material donations as well.  Their wish list usually consists of things like household items, clothing, school supplies, study materials, art supplies, toys, and games.  Cleaning out your closet may mean more than creating more space in your home; it might actually change the life of a child thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound, Washington.


There is scarcely a place in the United States that does not have at least one Goodwill store, and Puget Sound, Washington is no exception.  In fact, there are so many that the state of Washington actually has a Goodwill store locator for your convenience.  At Goodwill, you can drop off your unwanted goods and drive away without having to sort anything out.  The organization takes everything from household furniture and cookware to toys and clothes.  In addition, their new policy is that they will actually come and pick up whatever you leave out for them.

Habitat for Humanity

This popular charity organization has a branch or two in the Puget Sound, Washington area as well.  The volunteers of Habitat for Humanity are always accepting household furniture, construction and building materials, appliances, and even cars.  When you are organizing your new home or office and find that you have something that might still have some life in it, donate it to this non-profit organization.  Even if they don’t use the item itself they will turn the goods into money and use it to fuel their various charitable projects. If your donation is large enough you can even write it off on your annual taxes.

West Side Baby

Do you have children who have outgrown some of their favorite items?  Don’t just throw them out with the garbage.  Use those goods to help out a family in need by donating them to West Side Baby.  There are a number of drop-off sites available in the Puget Sound area and their wish list is focused on reusable or recyclable children’s items.  Volunteers are always accepting kid’s clothes, diapers, bedding, car seats, and toys.  The happiness that your own children found by using those goods does not have to end when they grow up.  You can give back by donating everything to one of the most respected non-profit organizations in the Puget Sound region.  

In addition to the aforementioned donation centers, Puget Sound is home to dozens of other non-profit organizations that are just as worthy.  With the population of the area growing exponentially over the last few years, a diverse population is forming in Puget Sound, WA.  You shouldn’t have to simply throw away your unwanted or unused items just because you have moved into a new home.  You can donate your food before you move and choose to order takeout and delivery in Seattle while unpacking. When you do some quick research you will find that the state of Washington is quite accommodating for potential donators.


If you have an old beat up car you can donate or sell it for cash in to the Junk Car Medics in Seattle – the areas top junk car buyers in Seattle

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