Downsizing Home Tips

What are the topmost downsizing home tips? Well, downsizing to a relatively smaller house is one of the greatest moves that you can make in your life mentally and financially. But it can be challenging and exhausting without proper home downsizing tips and techniques at your fingertips. Here you will find several helpful downsizing home tips that can assist you during your process:

Downsizing Home Tips

Downsizing Home Tips

1. Make a List of Your Stuff

Taking an inventory of your stuff is handy especially when you are downsizing to a relatively smaller home. Go through all your items and make a decision on what to keep, discard, sell, or donate. Keep in mind that to downsize and declutter your possessions, you have to separate what you need from what you don’t.

2. Reduce Duplicates

Take a close look of items that you have and only consider keeping your favorite items. Start with the kitchen, you are more likely to have multiples of the same items. If you do not receive guests often, there is no need for multiple dining sets. Same idea of reducing duplicates can be done throughout your home.

3. Apply Free Books Technique

In case you have a bunch of small useless objects that you don’t have to throw on eBay, add a free caption and place them on a curb. You may even wake up the next morning to find the items gone. This tactic is applicable to cabinets, books, and different furniture.

4. Utilize the Storage Space

You should always ensure to make the most of storage space. The space underneath your bed, the inside of ottomans, built-in shelves and hanging shoe racks are some of storage options that can serve great purposes. You can also find a few ways to maximize attic storage capacity.

5. Sell Some of Your Items

There is an old home downsizing tip that says, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. If you decide to do away with a few of your belongings, sell them in a yard sale. Clothing, kid toys, furniture, lawn and power tool equipment are some great items to sell. For those items that do not sell, you can post them on different online websites. Sites such as OfferUp, Poshmark, Discogs & Audiogon are perfect websites to resell items.

6. Use a Tape Measure

When downsizing to a smaller home, sometimes you may not have enough space in the room to keep the furniture you need. As you being to look for new furniture, make sure that you keep a tape measure with you to ensure that the new items will properly fit into the home. Measuring your items is essential because it will determine whether your existing furniture will fit into your new home or if you need to purchase smaller homes.

These are some of the topmost downsizing home tips that can help you when moving into a smaller house. Don’t forget that home downsizing simply means saving a lot of things such as space, money, and time. Once the tips above have been taken into consideration, downsizing your home will be a breeze.