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Seattle Contact Info

So you’ve relocated to the Seattle area. That’s great; we think you’re really going to like it here. You’re going to be busy getting settled in. It can seem overwhelming at times. Just take it one step at a time…

To help, Puget Sound Moving, Inc., has created this guide to contact information. It has phone numbers and web addresses for government offices and businesses you might want to get in touch with. Welcome to the neighborhood!


There are federal, state, and local services and departments you should notify of your address change.

United States Postal Service: Alert the USPS so they can forward mail to your new address. You can do this even before the big move. That’s one less chore when you arrive. Do this one of two ways:

  • Online: There’s a small fee for this option.
  • In person at any local Post Office: Fill out PS Form 3575. You can find this online or at any branch office. Not sure where the closest Post Office is? Search online or call Customer Service at 1-800-275-8777. For TTY service, call 1-800-877-8339 and ask for 1-800-275-8777.

Washington State Department of Licensing: If you’ve moved within Washington, you must change the address on your driver’s license and registration. If you’ve come from another state, you must get Washington documents.

License: The state wants you to update your address on your Washington driver’s license or ID card within 10 days of moving. Better get cracking. You have four options:

  • Online through License eXpress: Use an existing account or open one. This service stores information for future use.
  • Online without using eXpress
  • By mail: Fill out the Driver License Change of Address form and send it to the Olympia address listed on the document.
  • In person: Go to a local office. There are three Seattle branches. (From the link, click on driver licensing office, then select Seattle on the map.)
  • Downtown offices:
  • (206) 464-6845  (for a standard license)
  • (360) 902-3900 (for an enhanced license or ID card)
  • The number for West Seattle’s branch is (206) 764-4144

If you’re from out of state, you have 30 days to get a Washington license. You have to do this in person, so use the contact information above.

Registration: You also have to deal with your car’s registration. If it’s already registered in Washington, then you just need to change the address. Your options:

If your car is registered out-of-state, you’ll have to get Washington license plates. You have 30 days to get this done.

After you apply for your new state driver’s license, you apply for plates.

The Washington State Department of Licensing recommends calling a vehicle licensing office in your county to learn more about what documents you’ll need and what fees to pay.

There are several locations around Seattle. To find them, go to the Washington State Department of licensing page for people who have moved. Click on the “vehicle licensing office” link. Select King County on the map.

You can also call Customer Service at (360) 902-3770 for the address of your local office. The TTY number is (360) 664-0116

King County Voter Registration

If you’re from out of state, you have three ways to register. There are deadlines for all.

Voters moving within the state can change their address:

  • King County’s website has an Elections section with a link to the MyVote page from the Office of the Secretary of State.

Voters moving within country can:

Seattle Public Schools  (

Register each child who is new to the district. Required paperwork includes an admissions form, a certificate of immunization status, and address verification documents. You can do this by email, in person, through the mail or by fax.

Email everything to

Go in person to the District Service Center: It’s at 2445 3rd Ave. South, Seattle. Their phone number is (206) 252-0760.

Mail documents to the Service Center address:

SPS Service Center
MS 11-174
PO Box 34165
Seattle, WA 98124-1165

Fax registration materials to (206) 252-0761.

Seattle Public Utilities

Many new Seattle residents can open Seattle Public Utilities accounts online.

Homeowners can set up accounts for Seattle City Light and residential water, sewer, and garbage.

Tenants set up accounts for electricity only.

Sometimes Seattle Public Utilities can’t verify people’s identities online.

To set up accounts, these individuals must take government-issued identification to one of the several walk-in payment locations in the city.

For further information, contact Residential Customer Service at (206) 684-3000.


To get your household up and running, you might need to contact several types of businesses.

Cable: Seattle’s Department of Information Technology lists a few choices for cable television and Internet services. Every provider does not offer service to all areas.

  • Century LinkCustomer Service: (800) 244-1111
  • Comcast  – Customer Service: (800) 266-2278
  • WaveCustomer Service: (866) 928-3123

Other TV/Internet Service Providers: For newbies who want additional choices, Seattle has other options, including:

  • Atlas NetworksCustomer Service: (206) 395-7222
  • CascadalinkCustomer Service: (206) 774-3660
  • DISHCustomer Service: (888) 656-2461
  • DSI: In certain apartment and condo complexes. Customer Service: (206) 380-4536
  • SeanetCustomer Service: (800) 973-2638


According to a city government webpage, Puget Sound Energy supplies gas to most of the Seattle area.  You can sign up for gas or electric service:

  • Company website
  • Customer Service: (888) 225-5773
  • TTY Service: (800) 962-9498
  • TRS Service: (866) 831-5161

Cascade Natural Gas is another option. Sign up by calling Customer Service at (888) 522-1130.


If you want a phone just for your home, here are a couple of options:

  • CenturyLink – Customer Service: (800) 244-1111
  • Verizon – Customer Service: (888) 781-5510

Home Security

Maybe you’re looking for a security system for your new home:

The Seattle Times: For print and digital access to the local newspaper

Call (206) 464-2121 or (800) 542-0820

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