How to Get Free Boxes

Are you moving soon? How to get free boxes may be stressing you. You should not worry because there are several places where you can get free boxes which you will use to pack your items. Remember you need to gather enough boxes which you will use to pack your delicate items. There are some moving companies which can offer you free packing boxes if you hire them for the move. In some cases, you may decide to use a company which will not give you the packing boxes, in such a case you can use the following methods to access free boxes which you can use during your house move.

How to Get Free Boxes


The online platform has a section where you can search for free boxes. It is free to sign up, you can sign up and search for the places where they offer free boxes. It is an easiest way for you to search for the free boxes which you can use during your move because you will just search online and you will access a long list of places where you can access them.

How To Get Free Moving Boxes

Liquor stores

There are several liquor stores near you. If you know anybody in your neighborhood who has a liquor store, then you can approach him and request for free boxes. The liquor stores receive a lot of supplies packed in boxes which they will then resell to other people who pick single bottles at a time. You will access boxes ranging in sizes which you can then use to pack your items so that you can enjoy your move. Small boxes you can get can be helpful in packing CDs and DVDs.


The bookstore makes the perfect place where you can access free packing boxes. There are several boxes which they receive each time they buy more supplies. After the books have been delivered, they are offloads to their shelves where people buy them. If you can visit their warehouses, you will get a lot of boxes left which you can get and pack your books during the move. Apart from using them to pack your books, you can as well use them to pack different items during your move.

Grocery Stores

Your nearest grocery store can be the best place where you will get free boxes which can play a great role when packing your items for the move. The grocery stores buy fruits and other sullies in bulk which come in different boxes. The boxes lie in their warehouse unused. If you can approach them and request for the boxes, they will supply you enough boxes which you can use to pack different items during your house move.


There are several supplies which schools receive on a regular basis. They receive
supplies to cook food for the students, book supplies and items used in their cleaning services. If you can visit your nearest school, you can get a lot of boxes
which you can use for the move.

Are you moving soon? How to get free boxes is very easy. You can find different kinds of boxes at different places to pack different areas of your home up. Just check on the above areas where you can get the boxes lying free and you will get enough to facilitate your free move.