How to Move a Mattress in the Rain

A few drops of rain might not do any harm, but you will have to find a way to safely move your mattress and other belongings when it is raining. Torrential rains can destroy your cozy investment and even endanger your safety during the move. Nevertheless, below we share tips on how to move a mattress in the rain.

How to Move a Mattress in the Rain

Dress for the Weather

You can only safely move your mattress in the rain if you are dressed to brace the occasion. A raincoat and heavy boots can help to keep you dry and warm and help you avoid accidents. A handy glove can also help you to get a firm grip on wet equipment when moving.

How to Move a Mattress in the Rain

One Step at a Time

Floors get slippery, and surfaces become slick in the rain, be mindful of when walking. When you are moving a mattress, a single mishap and you will come tumbling down. You might lose some teeth or sustain an ankle sprain if you are lucky. So, take it easy. You can help the situation by covering smooth polished floors and stairways with cardboard pieces.

Wrap it in Plastic

Beyond your safety, you will want to ensure that you have a mattress to sleep on when night comes, so take measures to protect it when moving in the rain. Mattresses and cushions are very susceptible to water damage. And if you fail to dry it completely, you will be dealing with a severe case of mold infestation. To protect your mattress when moving in the rain cover it in a plastic wrapping and ensure it is thoroughly sealed. Keep it covered until you get to your new home.

During the Move

Place some cardboard or old rugs at your front porch between the door and the loading truck to facilitate smooth movement. That will help to take care of the mud and slippery surfaces. The drive to your new place should be slow and steady. Avoid passing through standing water on the road, increase the distance to the car in front of you and avoid breaking suddenly or turning the wheels at sharp angles.
If it is still pouring down when you get to your new home, use the same ideas to stay safe and protect your mattress when unloading.

Take Shelter in the Face of Storms

Your safety and that of your special ones should be the biggest concern. In the face of thunder and lightning, it is best to seek shelter and wait for the storm to subside.

Wearing a raincoat and gumboots, wrapping the mattress in plastic and placing cardboard pieces on the floor to avoid slipping are all ways on how to move a mattress in the rain. These measures will prevent accidents and keep your mattress from becoming soggy. PS Moving provides peace of mind solutions when moving in the rain.