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So it’s time to move, and you don’t even know where to begin. You have countless things stuffed away in different closets; left forgotten for years. Furniture, clothes, trinkets and collectibles; the box of things your mom gave to you that you never went through; the pile of things that were supposed to be given away, but you never quite got around to it.

The papers are signed, the dates are set and now it’s time to move your items but where do you even start?

You’ve called your friends, your mom, brother, uncle, and the neighbor from down the street; but it seems everyone suddenly has prior obligations, go figure.

That’s where Puget Sound Moving, Inc comes in. A professional, fast, and fair priced Seattle Moving Company that’s ready to help YOU accomplish all your moving needs.

When you call (206) 568-0600 or request a quote online, you can expect a free, and no hassle quote.

We will take the time to listen and kindly answer your every question and to make sure you’re assisted and provided the best services, suited specifically to your situation.  

When moving your stuff, Puget Sound Moving, Inc takes it in our hands as if it were our own belongings. With delicate antiques, and old furniture all the same – we take the same care. Not only will Puget Sound Moving, Inc move your stuff, but we will PACK it for you.  You have nothing to worry about. Once you call Puget Sound Moving INC, you’re in the hands of trusted professional Seattle movers, so kick back – relax, and let someone else do the work for once.  

From Residential Moving Services to Commercial Moving – Apartments and Houses, Local and Long Distance, Antiques and Packing – Puget Sound Moving Inc covers all your moving needs from start to finish! 

Don’t lose your friends trying to get them to move your things, hire Puget Sound Moving, Inc. Call (206) 568-0600 or visit psmoving.com.


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