Moving and Need to Donate Goods in Kent, WA?

Where to donate goods in Kent, WA

Making the decision to start over in a new city and uproot your family is definitely a big one. If you are just getting used to Kent you know what we mean, and if you are planning an upcoming move and, maybe even hiring movers in Kent, then the sheer amount of things you need to think about and plan would give even the most organized person a headache. One thing you won’t want to think about is sorting through all the items in your home that have accumulated over the years. It is inevitable that you’ll be left with a pile of possessions that you no longer need or want. You might be tempted to simply throw these things away, however donating these items would be a much better option as you won’t only be helping yourself, you’ll be helping someone else as well. To help you with your move to Kent, here is a list of places in the area where you can donate your used goods.

The Clothing Bank

You can take all of your old clothes down to The Clothing Bank in Kent and donate them to someone that needs them a lot more than you do. The charity is especially interested in taking children’s clothes that can be used as school wear. At the rate that children grow out of clothes, donations are always necessary. Shoes and school bags such as backpacks are also welcome. The Clothes Bank is located in the Kent Phoenix Academy in the former boy’s locker room. You can also drop off your items in the clothing bank bins provided by the west side of the building near the Kent Parks entrance. All clothes donated must be in good condition and clean. Any items that are found not to be suitable will be passed on to other charities such as Goodwill, Value Village and Salvation Army.

World Relief

The charity World Relief are currently taking donations for household goods. This is especially important to aid refugee families who have next to no possessions. Donating household goods is a really easy way to get rid of the things you don’t want, and to give someone the means to create their own homely environment to live in. The items accepted include most forms of furniture such as; mattresses, sofa, armchairs, dressers, kitchen tables and chairs as well as lamps, coffee tables and TV stands. Other items that are readily accepted include; vacuum cleaners, microwaves, TV’s, DVD players and computers. You can also donate clothes and shoes as long as they are gently used and clean. Things that the charity will not accept includes; food, large appliances such as fridges and stoves as well as any item that is not in a good working condition such as furniture that is excessively stained.

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

This charity has a distribution center in Kent where you can drop off the items that you wish to donate. There are often specific items that the charity is looking for, so it’s worth having a look before you decide what to donate. However, there are many things that are accepted. Pretty much all bases are covered here and you can donate anything from food to healthcare products. If you have any questions about the kind of things you will be able to donate you can contact someone at the charity who will answer your questions. The charity uses all the donations that it receives in order to provide people with urgent care, in whatever form this care is. The donations allow the charity to keep working at top speed to provide this care to their customers, so you know that whatever you donate will go to a good cause.