Moving in Seattle? Pro Tips on How to Save Money

Unless you decide to start a local moving company, chances are the thought of moving day fills you with dread. Apartment hunting, stubbed toes, stray packing peanuts, scratched floors, and vulnerable security deposits are enough to physically and mentally exhaust anyone. Unfortunately, moving on a budget can take stress levels to truly dangerous heights.

So if you’re wondering how to save money when you move, take some advice from the professionals. Here, the packing and moving pros at our local moving company in Kent share their best tips for how to save money when you move. So if you’re planning for an upcoming moving day, plan on moving like the pros do.

Should You Move Yourself Or Hire Local Movers?

Many Americans living under a budget assume they can’t afford to hire movers to help them get through moving day without suffering from a stress overdose. But then they end up spending money renting a truck, buying packing supplies, and wasting the goodwill of their friends. College students, young people, and all those living paycheck-to-paycheck might not be able to afford professional movers, but many people are surprised how cheap movers in Seattle can be.

In any case, you’ll need to make a decision ahead of time. While some Washington moving companies can accommodate last minute jobs, it’s best to provide at least two weeks notice when hiring movers. If you’re on the fence, have never hired movers before, or aren’t sure if you can afford moving services, then consider reaching out online for a free quote. It is free, after all.

Provide As Much Information As You Can

If you are reaching out to a local moving company for a free quote, then it’s crucial that you provide as much information as you possibly can. Puget Sound Moving’s sales team advises potential customers that “neglecting to mention additional items, or difficult areas of access, at the time of the moving estimate almost always results in unexpected costs for the customer.”

In other words, if you need to move your collection of antique fireworks and strike-anywhere matches, then give your local movers a heads up before they arrive. Also, be sure to compare quotes before choosing which movers to book on moving day.

Pro Tip: Check local movers’ social media accounts for upcoming discounts or promotions.

Do As Much Of The Work As You Can

Many moving companies can help pack up your belongings, but no moving company will do that free of charge. Before moving day arrives, make sure you have everything you need to get through moving day: boxes, tape, and packing materials like bubble wrap. Not only will organizing and packing all your stuff save you additional charges from your moving company, it will also save time on moving day. And the faster your move, the lower your bill.

If Possible, Move On A Weekday

Like air travel, many local moving companies charge more on weekends when demand is higher. And according to moving pros, June is by far the most popular month of the year to move. If you can, plan a move outside of peak traffic hours. This could also give you more room to negotiate. Check your calendar and see if you can move in the middle of the month on a weekday.

Hunt For Free Packing Supplies

The two most popular forms of packing materials, bubble wrap and packing peanuts, are non-recyclable. While that’s unfortunate for Mother Earth, it does make it easier to find second-hand packing supplies for your move. The “Free Stuff” section on Craigslist can be a gold mine for free moving supplies. If you know you will be moving soon, keep an eye out for free boxes or bubble wrap.

The Taxman

For those moving for work, and for those blessed with the accounting gene, it’s possible many of your moving expenses can be written off come tax season. Plus, if you donate any of your old stuff to charity during a move, it’s likewise possible the donation could count towards a tax deduction. Remember: take pictures of anything you donate and save all receipts related to your move.

Minimalism Is In!

Packing ahead of time can drastically cut down on the man hours required for your move, but getting rid of all your junk can cut down on the total weight of your move. Many moving companies will also charge you according to the volume of possessions they squeeze onto the truck. So if you’re planning a move, take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I really need this mirror? What else can I get rid of?”

Moving doesn’t just have to be a bonanza of stress, it can also be a fresh start in a new home. So take an inventory of all your old junk and get rid of any non-essentials. Not only will you feel ten pounds lighter, but so will your moving bill.

Just Breathe

Finally, our last piece of advice on how to save money when you move — just relax. Yes, not everyone can enjoy moving as much as your professional local movers. But moving day is only as stressful as you make it. And all that stress adds up. Whether it’s an extra cup of coffee (or three) or stress eating chocolate in the checkout line, calming down will save you peace of mind, if not money, too.

TL;DR! So How Do I Save Money When I Move?

If you’re too stressed out over the thought of moving day to even read this entire post, then here’s a quick recap of the best ways to save money when you move:

  • Find free packing supplies online
  • Try and book a move in the middle of the month on a weekday
  • Get rid of excess junk
  • Do all your packing before moving day
  • Deduct moving expenses on your tax returns
  • Look for discounts and promotions online

And if you’re moving to the Puget Sound Region for the first time, just think about all you have to explore. Best of all, Seattle is a fun place to live. There’s music, maybe-a-little-too-crazy sports fans, and plenty of chances to spend the weekend out on the water. Even if you’re a Seattle native hiring local movers to across Lake Washington for a new home in the suburbs of Bellevue, you can use all the money you just saved to go and explore your city like it’s your first time.