Moving From Seattle to Portland

Last week we led off our series of moving out of state with an article about moving from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Today we take a look at moving from Seattle to Portland and other cities. We may call ourselves Seattle movers, but we’re proud to help people no matter where they are moving to or coming from.

It doesn’t matter why you’re relocating to Portland. Whether it’s for work, retirement, or just for a change in scenery, moving can be stressful. One of the biggest obstacles a lot of people face after moving is getting to know their new city and adjusting to its culture and traditions. Because of this, we’ve taken a little time to get to know our neighbors down in Portland. The sites below will help you and your family settle into your new life in the city. The resources we’ve assembled are just the tip of the iceberg, but we believe they provide a wide-glimpse into what life in Portland is truly like.

Resources to Make Your Move from Seattle to Portland Smooth & Simple

The physical distance between Portland and Seattle may not be far, but Portland does have its own rich culture and character. It is widely considered to be “The Greenest City in America” and is known for its coffee culture, high number of independent food carts and trucks, microdistilleries, and microbreweries. The citizens’ pride in the variety of their local businesses has inspired the unofficial slogan of “Keep Portland Weird.”

With such a rich culture, there are an abundance of resources and websites related to Portland, so we’ve assembled some of the best sites to give you a glimpse into life in your new city.

  •  – This site offers a comprehensive view on what it’s like to live, visit, and thrive in the Portland area. It provides information on the many neighborhoods in Portland, where to find the best cup of coffee, and a full event calendar that covers what is going on in and around the city.
  • Portland Beer – If you’re a beer enthusiast, this site is an essential resource to find the perfect brew. It is written and maintained by a group of beer lovers, and features a map of all of the breweries in Portland, a beer finder tool, and multiple ways to find a brew that fits your palate and tastes.
  • Official Portland City Website – You’ve already got a lot on your plate if you’re moving to a new city, so the official website for the city of Portland is there to provide you with more technical information about where you’re moving to: your elected officials, information on how to register a new business, pay your utility bills and more. The site’s “I Want To…” Directory is an indispensable resource for anyone living or moving into the city.
  • Food Carts Portland – Dedicated to Portland’s many food carts, this site is the perfect way to find your new favorite eatery in Portland. It features an interactive map to help your locate each cart, an index of all the cuisines served by vendors, and, if you’re looking for a way to get out of the house for a few hours, they offer interactive tours of the city’s food truck locations.
  • Portland Monthly Magazine – Like Portland Neighborhood, this site offers readers a glimpse into every facet of life in Portland. The site has five active blogs with topics ranging from restaurant reviews to fashion to travel tips. No matter what your interests are, this online and print magazine has something for everyone.

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