Moving to Seattle - The Ultimate Guide of Things to Know

Moving to Seattle? The Ultimate Guide of Things to Know

Making the decision to move to Seattle is a big one. Not only is it an exciting and brave new start to life, but it can also be a little overwhelming especially if you aren’t familiar with the city that you’re moving to, not to mention having to hire Seattle movers. You’re leaving everything from your go-to coffee shop to possibly your job behind in your old city. Where will you go for dinner? What will your Friday nights look like? Where will you work? The most that people usually know about Seattle is the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan flick “Sleepless in Seattle” or the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

Unfortunately, you can’t learn everything there is to know about a city with just a few day trips. Fortunately, we’ve put this guide together for anyone who is thinking about moving to Seattle, WA. We’ve spent countless hours researching and most importantly, talking to people who have made the move to Seattle. We’ve rounded up the answers to the questions that might be plaguing you about moving to Seattle, WA.

Chapter 1

The Most Important Things to Know About Living in Seattle, WA

Seattle is surrounded by water on 3 sides – this means that there is a lot of opportunity for being on the water, if that’s your thing. While the annual precipitation is less than that of New York or Philadelphia, the rain falls in what seems like a constant drizzle. Sunshine is a rare, but beautiful thing in Seattle. Seattle was also ranked in the top 5 safest cities in America. Check out these resources:
Things to know about living in Seattle Washington

Chapter 2

How to Find The Best Food in Seattle

Dessert lovers will love Seattle, WA because they are home to some of the best gelato in the world. Molly Moon’s is a pretty well known spot for people to get desserts. Seattle is also known for its incredible fresh fish. Vegan food is also very prominent in the city giving vegetarians ample places to get some culinary delight. Here are other great resources:
Whats the food like in Seattle

Chapter 3

How To Find The Top Things To Do In Seattle

Seattle is home to a number of landmarks. If you’re into sightseeing, you can check out the Space Needle or the Chihuly Garden and Glass display. Seattle has a “hipster” night-life scene with some craft beer selections and live-music venues. A Seattle favorite is Pike Place Market which is one of America’s authentic Farmer’s markets. There are also a number of ferry rides, museums, zoos, and of course the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team hails from the city. Since Seattle is so diverse, you won’t have trouble finding something to do whether it’s a Wednesday afternoon or a Friday night. Check out these things to do in Seattle:
Things to do in Seattle

Chapter 4

How to Find The Best Places of Employment in Seattle

Seattle ranks up there with Boulder, CO and San Francisco, CA with one of the nation’s highest startup business locations. Entrepreneurs flock to Seattle along with Software Developers. Seattle is home of the first Starbucks, too if you’re looking to work for one of the companies with the best employee benefits. Check out these:
Best places to work in Seattle Washington

Chapter 5

Driving In and Around Seattle

Driving in Seattle can be a breeze. It can also be a traffic nightmare. It does house a lot of commuters, so the traffic can get a bit backed up at times. It’s nothing that can’t be helped with using public transportation, by which they have a decent system, or just keeping true to the regular rules of sharing the road. Other great resources:
Whats the commute like in Seattle

Chapter 6

How to Uncover The Best Places to Live

As we said, Seattle is one of the safest cities in America, but there are good and bad areas everywhere. Seattle Magazine did a study of the best areas to live in Seattle based on affordability, workability, and open space (which are why most people move to Seattle.) The top areas are: Ballard, West Seattle, Georgetown, West Bellevue, South Lake Union, Queen Anne, Greenwood, Wallingford, Edmonds, and Madrona. Check out these resources about the best places to live in Seattle:
Best places to Live

Chapter 7

How to Fit In In Seattle

Seattle is home to a large “geek” population. People who are heavily into comics, technology, and are self-starters tend to live in Seattle. Seattle-ites are very proud of their city and don’t take lightly to any kind of criticism, but this is true for many cities.

Seattle is an ideal place to live if you’re an entrepreneur, free-spirited, food-loving, and don’t mind the rain much. If nothing else, let the promise of incredible desserts and being such a safe city be the selling points for relocating to Seattle, WA. Check out these resources about Seattle: