What is the Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving

What is the Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving

One of the biggest challenges of moving is figuring out how to pack your clothes and move them from one place to another. It’s important to know how to pack your clothes without getting them wrinkled and make sure they stay clean and organized.  While it’s easier to hire professional movers to do the job, you can still do it … Read More

How to Protect Carpet When Moving

Moving involves a near endless list of activities; but one activity you’re likely to overlook is carpet protection. You need to know how to protect carpet when moving. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips that will help you protect your carpet when it’s time to move. Tips on How to Protect Carpet When Moving Utilizing Mats and Rugs You … Read More

How to Pack an Apartment in One Day

Whether you move to a new apartment or home, there are many benefits to packing everything yourself. There are many things to to prepare for before moving into a new home. In this article, we will discuss some tips that will show you how to pack an apartment in one day and leave you stress-free. Color Labeling When you move … Read More

How to Remove Dresser Drawers

Our team at P&S Moving know that by removing dresser drawer well you keep everything neat, how to Remove the Dresser Drawer; by lifting the front handle toward you. In the event that essential, snatch the front face of the drawer from the base to help expand it farther. Ward off your fingers from the metal tracks while the drawer … Read More

Is Moving Stressful on a Relationship?

  Is Moving Stressful on a Relationship? Is moving stressful on a relationship? The answer to this question is yes and no. Every situation is different depending on the mover(s). Factors that determine how stressful moving can be include the destination and reasons for moving. For instance, moving from one neighborhood to another within the same city does not cause … Read More