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What Experience Do We Have in Logistics?

Hi guys. This is Cirdan Imbler with Puget Sound Moving.

I want to talk a little bit about our experience in logistics and delivery. In 2009, when the company started, we did obtain an account with Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base. We became the company who delivered all of the furniture that was purchased on base there. So it was about a 50 mile radius that we delivered to. Typically we would have one or two trucks out there picking up all the furniture on a daily basis and doing all the delivery and set up. So whether it’s simply moving the furniture or whatnot that you have that needs to be delivered, or you need white glove delivery service, one of the things that we did. That delivery company had been working with multiple bases around the country for 25 plus years, and we created a new plan and new options for the consumer in terms of the timeline for their delivery. We offered a 24 to 48 hour delivery window, and then we also offered white glove delivery service. So if you’re looking for a delivery company in whatever type of service that you need, whether it just be curbside delivery, which we don’t specialize in. We can certainly do it. But in terms of delivery inside the home and set up white glove. And if you need quick turn-around times, one of the things that we did on base there was we had one or two trucks. They are on a daily basis and we delivered in about a 50 mile radius. So the staff there on base was able to offer a very quick turn-around for delivery time, which helps. So we have experience in that space and a very good track record. If you’re looking for a delivery or a logistics company, we should certainly talk.

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