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Should I Remove My Clothes From My Dresser Drawers When Moving?

Hi there, guys. This is Cirdan Imbler with Puget Sound Moving.

We frequently get asked, if you need to take the clothes out of your dresser drawers, should you leave them in, should you pack them?

We realize they are soft goods, it’s just clothing, can we go ahead and leave them in?

The rule of thumb is you want to take clothing and all your belongings out of your dresser drawers and out of anything with drawers.

Some exceptions would be if you have a very small, like a child’s dresser, a three-door dresser, very small, very light with just clothing, pillows, that’s going to be okay.

The thing to be concerned about is the safety of the crew and moving the furniture safely. So you’ve got a dresser, a double dresser, a triple dresser, they’re heavy pieces of furniture. When you add clothing or any other belongings, it just increases the weight of that furniture. We want to do everything we can to reduce the possibility of damage, and it just makes it much easier when you remove the clothes from the drawers. It lightens the furniture and makes it much easier.

So rule of thumb, if you have things in drawers, remove them, pack them, label them correctly so we can get them to your new place and put them in the appropriate spot.

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