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What can you expect from the movers at Puget Sound Moving?

Hi, there. This is Cirdan Imbler with Puget Sound Moving.

What can you expect from the movers at Puget Sound Moving?

You can expect that all of our movers are fully trained. They’re professionals. They are experienced. We have a good number of our movers who have been with us for the entire time that we’ve been in business, seven-plus years. You can expect them to be in uniform. You can expect them to be professional. You can expect them to know how to facilitate your move and do it the right way. Their experience, their knowledge, and their ability goes a long way to ensure that the move goes safely. First and foremost, we want to move all your furniture safely, and our movers do a fantastic job at moving your furniture from your current place to your new place in a safe and professional manner. Doing a local move, there’s a delicate balance between being efficient, in terms of they’re on the clock. So we realize they’re on the clock, and they want to get things done as quickly as they can. But they have to get it done the right way, and I think all of our crews do a wonderful job. You can expect that out of them on moving day. They’re going to have the know-how, the ability, and everything that they need on that moving truck to ensure that you have a successful move.

Puget Sound Moving, Inc
1316 Central Avenue S #220
Kent, WA 98032

(253) 852-4001

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