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Why Our Movers?

  • Licensed & Insured Movers
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Moving to Bothell, WA? We can think of a ton of reasons why you’d want to relocate to the greater Seattle area. After all, Bothell is an increasingly popular city to live in. Located near Seattle’s major highways, the I-5 and I-405, perfect for commuting to the inner city of Seattle.

If you’ve ever moved before, you know it can be a big stress. Purging your belongings, packing them properly, loading and unloading the moving truck, and enlisting the right friends and family to help you out can be a pain. As a local and long distance moving company in Bothell, Puget Sound Moving has years of experience geared towards helping make your transition to Washington a lot easier.

We have the experience and know-how to help you quickly get settled into your Bothell home, school, or business. With an array of services catering to residents, students, and businesses in the area, it is our mission to take the stress out of moving. Unlike some local and long distance moving companies in Bothell, we strive to focus on the needs of the consumer and not how much we can profit.

Our moving company in Bothell, WA brings a lot to the table including:

  • BBB Accreditation
  • Member of the American Moving and Storage Association
  • Member of the West Seattle and Kent Chamber of Commerce
  • More than 10 years of experience in the moving industry
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

Bothell, WA is the city to be in. Known for being one of the hottest real estate markets in the state, you won’t have any trouble finding a suitable home to raise your family. Ranked one of the state’s best, the Northern Shore School District makes Bothell a great place for your children to get top notch education. Look no further than the University of Washington Bothell for an awesome college experience.

With sunny weather, reasonable employment opportunities, and low crime rates, Bothell is the ideal place for families, business professionals, and college students looking for a bit of independence.

Sound like the perfect place to relocate? Let us help you! Contact us for a quote today.

Bothell Movers Cost

Think it’s cheaper to go ahead and make the move yourself? Think again. Many people find out the hard way that moving on your own creates a lot more risks than its worth. You might think that Bothell, WA moving services would be costly, but you may just be surprised at our moving rates.

We provide an array of moving services and strive to offer them at rates that our customers can afford. Our resident movers in Bothell charge by the hour, therefore saving you a decent amount of cash.

Take a look at these affordable rates for movers in Bothell, WA.

  • Two Movers, One Moving Truck: $110 per hour
  • Three Movers, One Moving Truck: $150 per hour
  • Four Movers, One Moving Truck: $190 per hour
  • Four Movers, Two Moving Trucks: $200 per hour
  • Five Movers, Two Moving Trucks: $240 per hour
  • Six Movers, Two Moving Trucks: $275 per hour

Give Puget Sound Moving a call today for a more personalized quote. We can tell you approximately how many movers and trucks you’ll need to get the job done. We are moving experts and have tons of advice to help keep the costs low and the move smooth.

Bothell Moving Services

Our high-quality moving services range from simple loading and unloading to full-service moving and storage. Whatever your moving needs might be, our team of movers and moving specialists want to make sure we help you get that moving checklist completed. Here’s a more detailed description of the moving services in Bothell, WA we offer:

  • Bothell Residential Moving Services – Moving to Canyon Park or perhaps you’ve found a suburban home in the Morningside area? Wherever your home or apartment is in the Bothell, WA area, we will take the trip. Our residential moving services can include packing and unpacking or loading and unloading – whatever your budget and needs are, we’ve got you covered.
  • Bothell Business & Office Moving Services – As the population in Bothell and neighboring areas increases, so does the potential for businesses to capitalize and gain new customers. If you’re thinking of setting up your small business or office in the Bothell area, we’ll help you move everything. We have a team of Bothell commercial movers that will assist with the move. From carefully packing your office equipment and supplies to assembling furniture upon your arrival, we will make sure that your business is set up to your liking.
  • Bothell Local Moving Services – Moving from one town to the next? Short distance moves can still be a pain in the neck. That’s why we offer services that will help you make the move quick and effortless. It doesn’t matter how small your needs might be. Need moving boxes? Help packing? A moving truck? Or just some place to store your belongings? Puget Sound Moving has you covered.
  • Bothell Long Distance Moving Services – Relocating to a new state can make even the calmest person a bit anxious. You’re moving into unfamiliar territory. Let our long distance movers in Bothell do all the hard work for you. We will navigate the Bothell highways and neighborhoods for you so that you arrive at your new residence without getting lost.
  • Specialty Moving Services – There are some items that you just can’t move on your own. Maybe they’re heavy or maybe they’re fragile and require special care. Whether you’re moving a piano, pool table, or hot tub, our resident movers in Bothell have the experience to properly secure, pack, load, and unload special items to ensure there’s no damage.
  • Storage Services – Moving to a smaller place and don’t have the space for all of your things? Our Bothell moving company also offers storage space. We have facilities for residential and commercial customers. Our 5 feet by 7 feet storage units are equipped with temperature control and security features to keep your belongings safe and secure.

No matter what your moving needs might be, our Bothell, WA movers are willing and able to help you get the job done. No more stressing over how you’re going to remember everything on your moving checklist, or how you’re going to get everything packed, find affordable moving rates, or even how to protect your belongings from damage – we’ve got you covered.

If you’re interested in these moving services in Bothell, give Puget Sound Moving a call today for your personalized, affordable quote.

We Enjoy Serving the Bothell, WA Area

Here at Puget Sound Moving, we like to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. We’ve been a moving company in greater Seattle area for 8 years and have learned a lot about how to best serve our customers. Whether you’re moving to Wayne, Morningside, Canyon Park, or Thrashers Corner, we have the manpower to help. Give us a call today to see how we can help with your Bothell, WA move.

Common Questions About Hiring a Moving Company in Bothell

1. How Can You Tell if a Moving Company is Legit?

Any legit moving company in Bothell, WA should be able to provide you with proof. Such proof should include a license and insurance. If they are not willing to provide this information, you may want to select another company.

2. How Far in Advance Should I Schedule My Move?

The sooner the better. While we have local and long distance movers in Bothell that can get to you at a moment’s notice, having time to plan and organize is always best. The moment you know your moving date, reach out to us for a quote.

3. How Will I Know How Many Movers & Trucks I Need?

Our moving experts will work with you to determine your moving needs. Based on key factors like size of the home, distance, and number of belongings you might have, we can help you choose the right amount of Bothell movers and moving trucks.

Moving to Bothell, WA? Here’s Some Useful Information

Not familiar with the Bothell area? Fear not, as we have a ton of information that can help you get acclimated with the great city. Check out these resources below:

  • Blog – Need some tips on how to pack? What to expect in Seattle and surrounding cities? You can find a ton of information from our experts on our company blog.
  • – Want to learn about the cost of living, crime rates, education rankings compared to other cities in the US? This is the site to visit. Determine which neighborhood is best for you and your family – or your business.
  • DMV – Registering your address and vehicles once you arrive in Bothell will be very important. The local DMV will give you everything you need to get started.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your appointment for Bothell, WA movers. Give our experts a call and receive a moving quote that won’t break your pockets.

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