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Let Gresham Movers Take the Hassle Out of Moving

You’re excited to get to Gresham, OR, but you’re not so thrilled about the moving part. I can’t say that I blame you. As Gresham movers, we’ve relocated a lot of people. We know that moving is such a long and tedious process that takes weeks, if not months, to plan for. There’s just so much to do when you’re moving. You must sort through all your things and determine what you’re keeping and toss out all that you’re not. Then, you’ve got to manage subscriptions and services, find a new job, and register the kids for school. On top of that, you need to find time to register the car, clean the new house, and unpack. Of course, you need to step back and get acquainted with your new city, too.

That’s a lot of work to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some expert guidance on your side and enlist the help of Gresham movers near you? I and my Gresham moving company have been in the moving industry for years. We know everything from disassembly and packaging of fragile specialty items to loading and unloading the truck safely. I can promise your belongings are in our capable hands.

  • Puget Sound Moving has a BBB Accreditation
  • We are proud members of the American Moving and Storage Association
  • We have more than ten years of moving experience
  • Licensed, bonded and insured

With weather that’s never too hot or too cold, the fourth largest sector in the state of Oregon has a wide mix of families and young professionals looking to embark on a new life. Great parks, top-rated education system, and great entertainment, I can only imagine how excited you are to get there to experience it all.

Moving Services in Gresham: How Much Do They Cost?

Great question. Say, you want some help with a local move to Gresham, Oregon. If it’s going to cost more than you can afford, it won’t make sense to hire the professionals. I know how expensive it’s already been for you to make this move. That’s why I charge fair rates to my customers. Here’s the gist of it. You’re charged by the hour instead of the truckload or mileage.

  • Two movers and one moving truck – $110 per hour
  • Three movers and one moving truck – $150 per hour
  • Four movers and one moving truck – $190 per hour
  • Four movers and two moving trucks – $200 per hour
  • Five movers and two moving trucks – $240 per hour
  • Six movers and two moving trucks – $275 per hour

Every move is different so be sure to call in for your customized quote.

Gresham, OR Moving Company: What Services Do We Provide?

There is no move we can’t handle professionally. When you’re ready to move to Gresham, OR, I assure you we will be there to help. Whether it’s across the country, around the corner or just a few states over, my local and long-distance moving services include the following:

Moving to Gresham, Oregon? You’re Going to Need These

To make your transition to your new city that much smoother, I put together a few links I think you’ll need as a new resident:

When you’re ready to make the move to Gresham, OR, give Puget Sound Moving a call at (253) 852-4001. If you’re looking for Gresham movers near you, we’re the ones to trust.

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