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Issaquah, WA, Moving Services

Our city has always been on the move. Puget Sound Moving, Inc., is happy to keep that tradition alive by being a professional and affordable moving company in Issaquah, Washington.

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Local industries have shifted a lot. During the late 19th century, Issaquah supported mining enterprises. When those played out, timber became king. Now Boeing, Microsoft and other high-tech companies are major employers. What’ll be in store for Issaquah in the next century?

There’s no question what’s in store when you hire Puget Sound Moving. You get high-quality local, long distance, residential and commercial moving services in and around Issaquah. Folks have long trusted us with their belongings because our employees are fulltime, trained, and screened. Not to mention polite and friendly. (Hhmmm… guess we did just mention that.) Find out exactly why Puget Sound Moving is so trustworthy by calling us at (206) 568-0600.

We offer free moving quotes over the phone or online. With 50 years of combined experience doing this, we make them as accurate as they can be. The more information you give us, the better we can do our job.

Contact us, and get your moving experience started on the right track. With Puget Sound Moving, it stays that way.

Our Moving Rates in Issaquah, Washington

If you think that hiring a moving company is too expensive, think again. We just said that Puget Sound Moving is affordable, remember? Since we do this job all day, every day, we’re experts. That makes a big difference when it comes to price.

Think of how long it’ll take you to cart everything to your rented truck, pack it in, drive to your new location, and unload everything. (Hope there aren’t too many stairs!) For most people, that’s a major undertaking…but not for us.

At Puget Sound Moving, we know the most efficient ways to load and unload trucks. With our training and expertise, we’re a lot faster than folks who move themselves. Fewer hours means a lower cost for you.
Of course, the number of movers and trucks required depends on how much you need transported. Call Puget Sound Moving at (206) 568-0600, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Our movers come prepared to work, and we also come prepared to protect. We bring along pads, covers, wrapping supplies, and other cushioning materials. We won’t damage walls, floors, carpets, moulding, baseboards, doorways, stairs, or banisters in your old or new location. Puget Sound Moving is mighty careful with your possessions, but we think about your surroundings, too.

Need something moved? We can handle it. Check out the services we offer:

Residential Moving Services in Issaquah

Moving a whole houseful of stuff? Maybe it’s the contents of an apartment. Even if you just need furniture transported to your new home, Puget Sound Moving is ready, willing, and able to be your residential moving company in Issaquah, Washington.

Moving may seem overwhelming to you, but it’s just another day at the office (or, actually, out of the office) for us. You’ve already got a lot on your hands with the move… let our hands do the heavy lifting.

Where are you headed? Going for the small-town appeal of Issaquah Valley? Climbing Squak Mountain? Maybe the beautiful views from the Issaquah Highlands captured your heart.

Doesn’t matter to us. If you’re happy, we’re happy. Puget Sound Moving transports your belongings safely and efficiently wherever you’re going.

Issaquah Business & Office Moving

So your company is on the move! We’ll give you as much or as little help as you want with your business or office move in Issaquah, Washington. We know you’ve got a business to run, and down time is costly. We’ll transport you reliably and efficiently so you’re up and running again quickly.  

We consult with you to create a moving plan that meets your business needs. Puget Sound Moving can even pack and unpack for you, while you and your employees focus on getting back to work.

Some companies move to expand. Others transition to locations with more hustle and bustle. Sometimes leases expire. Whatever your reason, we save you time and money… and that’s important to any business. 

Local Issaquah Movers

Staying in the Issaquah area? Nice call. It’s a great place to live or work. Puget Sound Moving provides local moving services for both residential and commercial clients in Issaquah, Washington.

Even if you venturing out to Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, or elsewhere in the Puget Sound region, we get your possessions there securely. And since we use hourly pricing, you pay only for the time our employees are actually driving and working.  

Even though you’re not going very far, you’re still entitled to full protection. We load and unload belongings with the utmost care. They arrive safe and sound, with no dents, scratches, holes, tears, scrapes, chips… any damage at all.

Long Distance Movers in Issaquah

Leaving the Puget Sound area? We’re the long distance movers for you in Issaquah, Washington. Puget Sound Moving can take you across the state or out of state. Headed to the other side of the country? We have the experience to get you there safely, efficiently, and affordably.

How affordably? Puget Sound Moving offers our long distance customers pricing options. First we inventory your belongings and set a schedule. Then you select a flat fixed rate based on the total amount to move, or we can price your move by weight. Your choice.

At Puget Sound Moving, we know that no two moves are alike. We listen to your needs and offer advice and suggestions based on years of experience. Then we come up with the best plan to get you to your new location.

Senior Moving Services

Here at Puget Sound Moving, we know that transitions can happen at any stage of life. Senior citizens often downsize their homes, move in with family, or switch to retirement communities. Whatever the reason, we help make the senior moves go smoothly in Issaquah, Washington.

Moving is often stressful both physically and emotionally, so we make the situation easier. We encourage two-way communication so everyone knows exactly what’s going to happen. Puget Sound Moving employees are polite, respectful, and careful with your belongings.

To make sure we meet all our senior customers’ needs, Puget Sound Moving also offers packing and storage services. We can box up your possessions safely so they travel safely. We can even you the time, trouble, and effort of unpacking. In addition, if you don’t have room for all your belongings right now, take advantage of one of our secure storage units. We support seniors during the moving process, every step of the way.

Specialty Moving Services in Issaquah – Piano, Hot Tubs, Pool Tables, Etc..

Got something big, heavy, fragile, or unusual to move? Not sure how to handle it? Then give us a call at (206) 568-0600. Puget Sound Moving can handle any specialty moving challenge in Issaquah, Washington. Just try us.

For instance, pianos must be moved with the utmost care so they’re intact inside and out when they reach their final destination. We know how to do that. Pool tables, too, are bulky and weighty. Puget Sound Moving won’t mar the felt or scratch the exterior.

Transporting a hot tub is tricky. Once the water is emptied, what do you do? Just leave it to us, because we’ve handled this specialty moving job many times before. Moving computer, lab, and medical equipment calls for specific know-how, too…and we know how.

You don’t have to be concerned about fragile antiques or artwork. If necessary, Puget Sound Moving uses custom crating to protect your prized belongings. Whatever unusual item you have to move, it’s safe with us. “Handle with care” is the way we do business, all day, every day.

Storage Services for Issaquah, WA

People need storage units for a variety of reasons. Got too much stuff and not enough room? Going away for a while but not taking everything with you? Need to clear out space for home renovations? Puget Sound Moving offers safe and convenient storage services for you in Issaquah, Washington.

Our 5 feet by 7 feet by 7 feet solid wood storage units are doubly protected. A temperature control system keeps the facility from becoming too hot or too cold. The security system lets only authorized users into units. This combination keeps your possessions safe from outside influences.

Puget Sound Moving storage units are suitable for both residential and commercial clients. We’ll even store items and then ship them to you when you’re ready. A few weeks, a few months, or longer…it’s all the same to us. We’re here to accommodate you.

If you need belongings transported to our storage facilities, we can do that for you, too. If you want, we’ll also pack everything so it stays clean and undamaged throughout the storage period.

Packing Services

And speaking of packing services…we’ve got ‘em. Lots of ‘em. Let’s start simple: if you want to do the packing yourself, we offer all the boxes and protective materials you need.  

If you put stuff into storage, we choose the best protection method for each item: padding, shrink wrapping or crating. Everything is inventoried, so nothing is misplaced.

Don’t want to pack? We offer both residential and commercial packing services in Issaquah, Washington. For many people, boxing everything up is difficult and time-consuming. You’ve got a lot of other necessary tasks for the big transition. Leave the packing to us. We’re ISPM-15 certified packers, which means we can pack anything to be shipped anywhere.

We professionally prepare your possessions with the right type of protection. They arrive at your destination in tip-top condition.  Short distance or long distance moves – it doesn’t matter. We keep your belongings safe from sliding, shifting, banging, falling, bumping, or bashing. We’ll even unpack everything for you. You never have to worry about damage. Bye-bye moving stress!

For Professional Issaquah Movers Contact Puget Sound Moving, Inc. – (206) 568-0600

Remember we talked about all the changes Issaquah has gone through? Here’s another peek:

Did you know that, though Issaquah’s name was originally Squak (‘cause of all the noisy water birds), it was changed to Gilman in 1892? Seven years later, the state legislature settled on Issaquah.

Puget Sound Moving has changed the face of the local moving industry. We’re leading the way, providing top-quality services. Here are just a few examples…

  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau…doesn’t get any better than that!
  • Because we meet their high standards for service and ethics, the American Moving and Storage Association has certified Puget Sound Moving, Inc., as ProMovers.
  • We won our category in KOMO-TV’s Best of Communities competition.
  • Puget Sound Moving made the top five in the Best of Western Washington contest.
  • We’ve grown from two trucks in 2009 to 10 trucks now…and we’re not done yet.
  • For customers who need additional peace-of-mind, we offer moving insurance at very low rates (‘cause we have very few claims).

Call us at (206) 568-0600, and let us show you how easy moving can be. Not to mention reasonably priced. (Oops… did it again!) Puget Sound Moving, Inc., offers top-notch moving services in Issaquah, Washington.


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