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Lynnwood, WA, Moving Services

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Lynnwood has a history of moving ahead. At Puget Sound Moving, Inc., we help people move along with our complete line of moving services in Lynnwood, Washington.

The Lynnwood area started as a pioneer settlement in the mid-19th century. By the start of the next century, a logging company was hard at work. Next came chicken and egg farming. The popularity of the automobile led to the growth of many local businesses. Lynnwood became a full-fledge city in 1959.

Lynnwood is still on the move. The population is over 36,000, and that swells daily as workers, shoppers and students pour into the city. Imagine where Lynnwood will be in the 22st century!

We hope we’ll be right here, still moving people in the city.  Right now, Puget Sound Moving, is busy with residential, commercial, long distance and local transitions. We’ve got a great reputation as being honest, reliable and careful movers, and we want to keep it that way for another 100 years.
Get personal proof that our reputation is well deserved. Give Puget Sound Moving a call at (206) 568-0600, and meet our service staff. You’ll find them so friendly and helpful you’ll want to meet the whole crew. Our movers are top-notch as well, because they’re all fully screened and trained. Put a little trust in us, and you’ll get a lot of work in return. Simplify your next move with Puget Sound Moving.

Our Moving Rates in Lynnwood, Washington

No doubt about it: moving is hard work. Lifting, carting, carrying, budging, hauling, lugging, hoisting, shifting… all without causing any damage. That’s why so many customers hire Puget Sound Moving when they relocation in Lynnwood. We do the physical stuff, and we do it safely.

“Well,” you say, “I’d love to hire professional movers, but I can’t afford them.” Really? How do you know? Puget Sound Moving has very competitive rates. Our staff is trained and experience, so they get your move finished in the absolute minimum time possible. That saves you money.

Wondering how many movers you’ll need? Leave it to us! Call Puget Sound Moving at (206) 568-0600, and tell us about your move. We’ll recommend the right number of movers and trucks to get the job done fast.
Our movers show up with more than just a truck. They have protective materials to safeguard your furniture, floors, walls, doorways, stairs, banisters and baseboards. Puget Sound Moving is careful about both your possessions and surroundings every step of the way.

Residential Moving Services in Lynnwood

Are you off to a new home in Lynnwood? Martha Lake has many established large homes. Daleway Park, with its woods, trails and a spray park, is bordered by a lovely neighborhood. The Lake Serene district wraps around a 42-acre body of water. We’re sure you’ll be happy where you’re headed. It’s hard to make a bad choice in Lynnwood.

Puget Sound Moving handles all kinds of residential transitions in Lynnwood, Washington. Head to a house or apartment, condo or townhouse… doesn’t matter to us. Just tell us where to pick up and drop off your stuff. For us, the moving part is actually pretty easy. We know you’ve got it tougher. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ll even pack for you, if you’re too busy.
But we don’t just move folks around the city. We’ll transport your belongings wherever they need to go. Out of the city, out of the state, across the country: we’re just as good at long distance moves as we are at local ones. (Really, we’re not boasting. Just stating a fact.)

Lynnwood Business & Office Moving

Lynnwood is excited about its businesses. The city government has an Office of Economic Development dedicated to helping the area thrive. At Puget Sound Moving, we do our part with business and office moving services in Lynnwood, Washington.

No one likes moves to drag out, but we know that speed is especially important for companies. That’s why we do our best to get you back in business as soon as possible. We see that down time is kept to a minimum.
Balancing business and moving is tough. How can you pack and transport while still managing your daily responsibilities? It’s easy: you don’t. We do. Puget Sound Moving focuses on getting your furniture, supplies, materials and equipment to your new address while you and your employees concentrate on running the business.

Local Lynnwood Movers

Lynnwood’s location is just about perfect. Flanked by mountains, dotted with wooded areas, close (but not too close) to Seattle… what’s not to love? If you’re moving to another part of the city, we’re pretty sure you’ll be happy. To start you off right, Puget Sound Moving will handle your local moving job in Lynnwood, Washington.

Not that anyplace in Snohomish County – or nearby King County – would be a bad bet. Puget Sound Moving transports belongings safely and affordably throughout the region. We have hourly rates, so you pay only while your crew is driving or working.
Those employees will do a great job for you. No cutting corners just because it’s a local job. Everything gets packed carefully, so your possessions arrive intact. No harm, no foul… no damage.

Long Distance Movers in Lynnwood

Headed far away from our fair city? Hope it’s a great new place. Moving isn’t easy, and long distance moving has additional challenges. We’re up to those challenges, though. Puget Sound Moving offers high-quality long distance moving services in Lynnwood, Washington.

Some people worry about the cost of a long distance move. Fair enough. That’s why Puget Sound Moving gives our customers choices:

  • Pay a flat, fixed price.
  • Pay by weight.

Which option is better for you? We can offer advice, but we need information. Contact Puget Sound Moving at (206) 568-0600, and give us the lowdown on your situation. Tell us what we have to move and where we’re headed. Once we know what’s in store, we’ll make some recommendations. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed. We’re here to help.

Lynnwood Senior Moving Services

Nowadays, seniors aren’t really slowing down. They’re leading busy lives. This often includes moving. Downsizing, joining families, choosing retirement communities: there are many options. Puget Sound Moving has lots of experience helping seniors transition to new homes in Lynnwood, Washington.

Seniors enjoy working with our movers, because they’re respectful, honest, punctual and careful. We also make sure to communicate what’s happening so it’s crystal clear. No unanswered questions, no confusion, no worries.

Especially no worries. Puget Sound Moving is trustworthy. Once your possessions are in our hands, you know they’ll get to their final destination quickly and safely. It’s a load off your mind. You’ve had enough to worry about in your life. (Who hasn’t?) But not with this move!
We can also give you an extra pair of hands (or more) if you want help packing and unpacking. If that’s one more chore you don’t want on your plate, feel free to put it on ours. If you’re downsizing and don’t have enough space for everything, we also offer storage facilities. Go ahead. Keep your things there as long as you want.

Specialty Moving Services in Lynnwood – Piano, Hot Tubs, Pool Tables, Etc..

Nice hot tub! How are you going to move that to your new home? What a gorgeous piano! Are you concerned about transporting it? Great pool table. Hope it stays safe during your move. It will if you choose Puget Sound Moving. We offer specialty moving services in Lynnwood, Washington.

Most moving companies know how to carry basic household belongings. But at Puget Sound Moving, we’re also experts at transporting the unusual…

  • Fragile and valuable artwork or antiques: We provide the proper materials to ensure their safety. We don’t take chances.
  • Medical or laboratory equipment: Moving these items requires special know-how and skills. Fortunately for you, we have both.
  • Computers and electronics: These look sturdy, but they’re also delicate. We have the expertise needed to be sure they’re protected.

Heavy, bulky, unwieldy, delicate, expensive, or just plain odd: Puget Sound Moving will gladly take on any specialty moving job you have. We’ve never been stumped, and we really don’t see it happening. (That’s not a challenge. Just a core belief.)

Storage Services for Lynnwood, WA

There are all sorts of reasons that people end up with too much stuff in their homes. Downsizing, marriages, renovations, and inheritances are just a few. Whatever your reason for needing space, Puget Sound Moving offers you storage services in Lynnwood, Washington.

We’re talking significant space. Each solid wood storage unit measures 5 feet by 7 feet by 7 feet. You’ll be able to fit a lot in there. If you want advice about packing items for storage, just ask us. At Puget Sound Moving, we love to talk shop. We’ll even pack up your belongings if you want. It’s what we do.

Not only are our storage units sturdy… they’re doubly protected:

  • A temperature control system keeps the area from becoming too hot or too cold. (Either extreme is bad for stored items.)
  • A security system makes sure you’re the only one with access to your unit.

Sometimes people move but can’t take all their belongings, so they go into storage. But when folks eventually do have room for the stored items, getting them can be a hassle. That’s where Puget Sound Moving comes in (again!). We’ll pack and ship your items to you. No hassle.

Packing Services

And speaking of packing… that’s another of our many skills. If you don’t have time to pack, you’re worried about breakage, or you just don’t want to face a mountain of boxes, let us handle the job. Puget Sound Moving has packing services in Lynnwood, Washington.

We know what we’re doing. We’re ISPM-15 certified packers. Wondering what that means? Oh, nothing much…it means Puget Sound Moving has the knowledge and skills to pack and ship anything, anywhere. That’s all.

You can toss things into a box with some newspaper and hope for the best. Optimistic, sure, but seldom successful. Our approach is to use the proper containers and packing materials to make sure your belongings are protected throughout the entire move, whether it’s near or far.
Never fear: we don’t take short cuts just because a move is local. Everything is fully protected from start to finish. Let Puget Sound Moving pack for you. It’ll take away a big chore and a big worry. That’s a two-for-one deal.

For Lynnwood Moving Services Contact Puget Sound Moving, Inc – (206) 568-0600

Learned enough? Then get on the phone, and we’ll start planning your move. Need more convincing? We can do that. There’s always more to say:

  • Puget Sound Moving has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • The American Moving and Storage Association certified us as ProMovers because we meet their high ethical and service standards.
  • Because we take good care of customers, our business is growing. We started with two trucks in 2009. We’re up to 10 now! People seem to like us.

We bet you’d like us, too. When you need moving services in Lynnwood, Washington, call Puget Sound Moving at (206) 568-0600. We’ll answer all your questions until everything is crystal clear. At that point, we’ve got another bet: you’ll be ready to hire us for your next move.

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