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If done individually, moving can prove to be an incredibly stressful and hectic process but when done by professionals like PS moving company, the script is totally different. Besides being a family owned company, PS moving boasts over three decades of experience in the moving industry a factor that equips us with the knowledge and expertise to handle whatever task comes our way. We also pride ourselves on a team of highly proficient staff who we ensure undergo comprehensive background checks and full body checkups yearly so you can be at ease at having them around your property. Our trucks and moving equipment undergo regular inspections so they can be at par with the moving jobs they are supposed to handle while our customer care team works itself to the finger bone 7 days a week to ensure that all your concerns are addressed. What’s even better is that we are a BBB accredited company since 1997, a factor that gives you enough assurance that we deliver nothing but top shelf quality services. Ready to move? Let us facilitate to plan for a smooth move together.

Movers Phoenix

Our Moving Company

Whether you’ve been planning to move for a few months now or it’s a move that just came out of the blues, you can trust that PS moving will create a smooth sailing experience either way. What’s even better is that we provide a wide range of packing and storage solutions making it possible for you to access a diverse array of services under one roof.

Some of our other movers Phoenix services include packing/unpacking, portable storage and apartment moving making it possible for you to relocate without having to even move a finger as we will handle the A to Z of your relocation for you. Furthermore, we have offices spread all over different cities such as Bellevue, Phoenix, Seattle and even Portland making it possible for you to access our esteemed services from different parts of Texas. We help over 30,000 locals make their transition into a new neighborhood less stressful. Give us a try and you’ll forever be grateful that you did.

Residential movers in Phoenix

Once you schedule your relocation with us, you automatically receive a free moving concierge. This lets us burdens all your moving worries while allowing you to deal with other details of your relocation such as changing your address. This makes your move a walk in the park.
Also whether you own a large luxurious furnished home or a medium sized comfortable one, you don’t have to wait the whole day for multiple to and fro trips as we have over 60 vehicles that can make the trip at one go. By assigning you multiple teams we’ll help speed up the process and get you back on your feet as soon as possible in your new home.

Apartment Movers in Phoenix

Residential homeowners aren’t the only ones who enjoy our services as apartment residents also get to enjoy the piece of the pie. Having been in service for more than 30 years we are familiar with the strict apartment requirements in Arizona. Such regulations can make moving for a regular person or a newbie company a little bit difficult but to our team of skilled staff, any apartment moving task is a piece of cakes as they are trained and experienced enough to handle whatever obstacle comes their way.

Office Relocation

If you thought we are only good in moving homes then you’re in for a pleasant surprise as we’ll help you and your business move to your new location. We understand that office relocation requires special skills and as such we have a team of specialists who only handle office moves and we’ll assign them to you at the touch of a button. To ensure that you get your business back on its feet as soon as possible we offer office relocation services during weekends and even at night.
Packing services

You can now say goodbye to long late night packing sessions as you try to figure out what goes where and say hello to professionals who are specially trained to handle packing tasks. This not only saves you time and spares you stress but also gives you access to quality packing equipment a factor that ensures all your stuff is safe during the move. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, protect your move and get a free packing quote!

Phoenix Movers

Unpacking Services

We understand that packing is hectic but unpacking and getting everything organized is no joke. But with our top-notch unpacking services, you can kiss the stress goodbye as we’ll not only help you unpack but also ensure we leave everything organized and better than it was. Whether you want your closet color coded or your living room organized in a modern manner, all you’ll have to do is sit and let us do the rest.

Partial services

At times you may have everything in check and all you need is a little assistance with packing your kitchen or maybe the bedroom. Whichever partial task you want handled, you just name it and PS moving will perform it to utmost perfection.

Supersize Your Phoenix Move

We’ve been in play since 1985 a factor that gives us an upper hand as we’ve seen gaps in the moving arena and helped create unbeatable solutions for them (that’s how we roll). For instance, back then, large business and homes were subjected to the pain of having to undergo multiple trips but all that is in the past now (we are game changers). We send you a truck that is customized to be a perfect fit for your moving needs and instead of a three-man crew we send you four to minimize the loading time and ensure that you do everything in one move. This we refer to as a supersize move and the good news is that it is available in all our branches.

Additional Services

PS moving knows no limits and we are an all in one business serving almost all scopes of the moving arena. Our additional services include;
• Box recycling program. We will collect, bale and recycle your boxes for you and you don’t have to spend even a dime as it is free
• Safe movers. We pride ourselves on a highly secured, climate controlled warehouse which you can use as a safe haven for your storage needs
• Piano Movers. We understand that equipment like piano needs to be handled with extra care. You can trust that we’ll move your piano and deliver it in tip-top shape without a single scratch
• Long distance

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We began as a local moving company in Phoenix but thanks to our ability to stay at par with the client expectations and rich experience, PS Moving expanded its horizons throughout Arizona. Our success wasn’t handed on a silver platter but has been facilitated by our strong family values which for all these years have been our guiding principles and pillars, heavy community involvement and 100% transparency with each and every one of our clientele. It is through our transparency that you can now access our customer care services any day of the week and comprehensive emails, listing all the details of your move so you don’t have to do any guesswork or worry about anything.

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