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Portland Movers Take the Stress Out of Moving

Planning a move to Portland, OR? Well, if you plan on DIY-ing it, I can tell you from personal encounters that’s not the best decision. I’ve been a professional mover for more than a decade. In that time, I’ve seen my share of DIY movers and the amount of stress they’re under trying to relocate. Not only is it stressful, it can be more expensive than just hiring Portland movers near you to help.

My company, Puget Sound Moving, has helped hundreds of people move to Portland with our full-service moving and storage solutions. Our customers can tell you themselves what a relief it was having my team of movers in Portland, Oregon on hand to make things easier. There’s a lot more to moving than just packing, whether you’re moving around the corner or across state lines. You’re essentially consolidating your life and shipping it off to a new location.

Just look at the moving checklists they have out there. They tell you to purge your belongings, find moving supplies, pack everything, and clean the old house. Then, you’re supposed to switch off services, change your mailing address, register kids for school, register your vehicle and license…. Tired yet?

Let my team of expert movers do the packing and unpacking, driving, loading and unloading for you. Imagine what a load off your shoulders it would be to have moving helpers ease your transition.

Affordable Portland Movers Near You

Before you turn down the option of hiring a moving company in Portland, OR, because of costs, you should reconsider. I have made it my mission not to focus on charging unnecessary prices just to make a profit. Instead, I aim to provide quality services that build relationships and bring customers back.

Hourly rates save you money and our movers work quickly and efficiently. Give us a call or fill in the online form to get your free Portland moving quote.

Find the Moving Services in Portland, OR You Need

There’s no one-size-fits-all moving package. Every household has different needs, which is why I offer an array of moving services in Portland, OR for you.

No matter what your budget or moving needs might be, my Portland moving company has a service that can attend to it. Call my movers to benefit from our moving experience, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Moving to Portland? Keep These Resources in Mind

Since you’ll be new to the area, I thought it’d be a good idea to leave you with some resources to get you started in your new city:

Don’t do all the hard work of moving on your own. Call my Portland movers at (253) 852-4001 to get your personalized moving quote today.

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