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Redmond, WA, Moving Services

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If you need full-service movers in Redmond Washington, call Puget Sound Moving, Inc. We’ll handle just about any moving job. But please don’t ask us to transport your chickens, OK?

Wondering about that? In 2011, Redmond passed regulations that allow people in single-family residences to raise chickens. A little bit of country inside the city. How great is that?

Obviously, Redmond is a terrific place to live and work. The chickens prove that. The city is progressive, open-minded, diverse… and a little quirky.

As far as movers go, we’re diverse. Puget Sound Moving offers residential, business and office, local, long distance, senior and specialty moving services. We also provide storage facilities and packing assistance. That’s definitely diverse. (You’ll have to judge the quirkiness factor.)

Puget Sound Moving has been around long enough to develop a reputation as trustworthy, efficient movers. Our staff is fully trained, experienced, and fulltime. They’re also polite and pleasant folks. (We can’t guarantee quirkiness).

If you need help with moving or storage, call us at (206) 568-0600. We’ll answer your questions and make a suggestion or two. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll learn just how affordable we really are.

Contact Puget Sound Moving online or by phone for more information. C’mon… don’t be chicken.

Our Moving Rates in Redmond, Washington

If you give us full information about your move, we give you an accurate estimate for moving costs. Don’t assume the cost is prohibitive. Because we’re professionals, we work quickly and efficiently. Since we charge by the hour, it drives down costs.

Moving isn’t easy, but it’s easier when you know what you’re doing. We do. We load and unload in the shortest possible time.

We handle all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We have the knowledge and expertise to lift, carry, lug and stack so no one gets hurt. Don’t take the chance of having sore muscles (or worse) the next day. Let us do the sweaty transporting while you handle all the other tasks associated with moving.

Wondering how many movers and trucks you’ll need? Leave that to us. We’ve been doing this a long time, so we know what it’ll take to get your job done right.
Doing it right doesn’t mean just getting things from Point A to Point B. It also means protecting your home and belongings. Our movers come prepared with pads, covers, and other packing supplies so there’s not a dent or scratch in sight… or on site.

Residential Moving Services in Redmond

Heading for a new (to you) home? It doesn’t matter if we’re talking house or apartment: Puget Sound Moving in Redmond, Washington, can help with your residential move.

Though you may have done this before, we’ve done it lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots and lots) of times. We get you to your next location quickly and safely. We can even pack and unpack everything up so you don’t have the hassle.

Which neighborhood are you headed for? Downtown is vibrant, with businesses, living spaces, and open areas. Education Hill, in the northeast, is a residential area with parks, trails, and, oddly enough, schools.

Idylwood has lot of green space. Animal habits mingle with single and multiple family dwellings. The northwest Willows/Rose Hill neighborhood mixes residential and commercial settings.
Wherever you’re headed, we think you’ll like it. We know you’ll like the move better if you hire Puget Sound Moving.

Redmond Business & Office Moving

Is your company head for a new address? It just so happens that Puget Sound Moving handles business and office moving in Redmond, Washington. We know that commercial moving and residential moving aren’t the same. We always protect everyone’s possessions, but companies have a special concern.

We know the number one goal of businesses when they move is keeping downtime as short as possible. You can’t do a whole lot of work when your entire business is packed in boxes, riding on a truck. Along with keeping all your materials, equipment, furniture, and devices safe, we also strive to get the job done on the double. The quicker we do our work, the faster you and your employees can get back to your work.
Need an extra hand (or two, or four)? We’ll even pack and unpack your office. Haven’t you got better things to do?

Local Redmond Movers

Redmond has so much going for it. More than 20 parks. An active recycling program. Thriving businesses, many of which are in the tech industry. Outdoor sculptures across the city. Opportunities for live music and theatre. What’s not to love?

Because the city is so great, Puget Sound Moving is busy with local moves in Redmond, Washington. (But not too busy to fit you in!) If you’re headed to nearby Seattle or elsewhere in King County, we’re ready to go.
Just because you’ve got a short trip doesn’t mean we don’t take the utmost care with your belongings. We’re just as conscientious on a one-mile move as we are on a thousand-mile move. You don’t have to worry about any kind of damage. We have a reputation for being excellent movers, and we plan to keep it.

Long Distance Movers in Issaquah

If by any chance you are headed away from our great town, Puget Sound Moving is still there for you. We offer long distance moving in Redmond, Washington.

Exactly how far are we talking? Across the state? Halfway across the country? All the way to the Atlantic Ocean? Doesn’t matter. Puget Sound Moving gets you where you need to go, no matter how far away.  

We know long distance moves can be worrisome. There are so many unknowns. One thing you don’t have to worry about is the cost of the move. Puget Sound Moving gives you a choice: how do you want us to set the price?
After we get a full inventory and itinerary, we can give you a flat fixed rate. Or, if you’d prefer, we’ll fix the cost by weight. That way you know what’s in store before we head out of Redmond. Call us at (206) 568-0600 to find out more.

Redmond Senior Moving Services

Many seniors are at a point in their lives when they’re ready for a change: leaving a too-big house, going to a retirement community, moving in with family. Even a happily anticipated transition isn’t easy. At Puget Sound Moving, we’re experienced senior movers in Redmond, Washington, so we know how to help seniors relax and be comfortable for the big move.

We communicate everything we’re doing, so there are no surprises. We take time to answer questions and listen to concerns. And, naturally, we’re respectful and careful with all belongings.
If you don’t want to pack, leave that to us. We’ll take as much care boxing up your possessions as you would. (Maybe even more. We’ve been doing this so long, we’ve learned a few tricks.)

Specialty Moving Services in Redmond – Piano, Hot Tubs, Pool Tables, Etc..

Remember when we said we can’t move chickens? That’s true, but the list of things we can move is a LOT bigger than the list we can’t. Puget Sound Moving can handle just about any specialty moving job in Redmond, Washington. What do you need us to transport?

  • Pianos: Easy. (Well, honestly, not easy, but not too hard.) We have experience, so your instrument will arrive in the same condition it left.
  • Hot tubs: Leave the water and worries behind. We’ll get your hot tub moved safely so you can start enjoying it ASAP.
  • Pool table: We protect the felt and wood so you can rack ‘em up when you get to your new home.
  • Fragile antiques or artwork: We treat your delicate valuables with care. Each piece is evaluated and packed individually.
  • Technical, medical, or laboratory equipment: It’s all about protection, and we’ve got the patience and expertise to handle special devices.

Storage Services for Redmond, WA

If you find yourself needing extra space, we’ve got it. Puget Sound Moving has storage services in Redmond, Washington.

What kind of storage do you want? Short term? Long term? Indefinite? Check, check, and check. Use our facilities for any length of time. They’re here waiting for you.

If you’re finished with storage and need the contents of your unit shipped to you, we can handle that, too. Just like our moving services, our storage facilities revolve around meeting the needs of our customers.

Each wood storage unit runs 5 feet by 7 feet by 7 feet. And did we mention protection? How about double protection? Our facilities have both a temperature control system and a security system. Don’t worry about anything harming your stored possessions.
Our storage units are available for both residential and commercial use. If you need help packing or transporting anything for storage… what a coincidence! We can do that for you, too.

Packing Services

What’s the worst part of moving? The heavy lifting? The endless paperwork? The uncertainties? For many people, it’s the long, tedious packing. We can’t help you fill out forms, but Puget Sound Moving does offer packing services in Redmond, Washington.

Sure, you can pack everything, but it’ll takes hours and hours, days and days, or even weeks and weeks. Do you want to do it all yourself, or would you like a hand? We’ll pack your entire home or just one room. What do you need us to do?

We have packing supplies to handle any job. We have to: we’re ISPM-15 certified packers. That means we can pack anything to ship anywhere. So, yeah, we have to be both flexible and knowledgeable.
Pads, covers, shrink-wrap, crates: we know exactly how to fully protect your possessions. And if you actually do want to do the work yourself, we have all materials you need. (And we’ll wish you good luck, too.)

For Redmond, WA, Moving Services Call Puget Sound Moving, Inc. – (206) 568-0600

Now that you’ve read about us, we think you’ll see why Puget Sound Moving is the company to call when you’re on the move. We offer full-service moving in Redmond, Washington. Contact us if you have any questions or want a free estimate.

Still debating that call? Fair enough. We’ll just keep talking about ourselves:

  • The Better Business Bureau gave us its top rating: A+!
  • The American Moving and Storage Association has certified us as ProMovers. That means we meet their high ethical standards.
  • For extra-extra peace of mind, we offer customers additional moving insurance. Rates are low-low because we so seldom have claims.
  • Customers like our services, so we’re growing fast. When we started in 2009 we had two trucks. By 2016, we had 10. We must be doing something right.

Let us do right by you. Call Puget Sound Moving at (206) 568-0600, and tell us about your move. The sooner we get the process started, the sooner you can start relaxing.

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