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Sammamish, WA, Moving Services

Our city has always been on the move. Puget Sound Moving, Inc., is happy to keep that tradition alive by being a professional and affordable moving company in Sammamish, Washington.

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Who wouldn’t want to move to Sammamish? Forbes named it the friendliest town in the United States. So if people want to live here, we’d be happy to move them. Puget Sound Moving, Inc., offers complete moving services in Sammamish, Washington.


Why is Sammamish so friendly? The Forbes folks say there are several reasons: a very low crime rate, a lot of charitable giving, a high percentage of college graduates, and a large number of owner-occupied homes. Apparently, if you put all these factors together, you get residents who are nice to their neighbors.

Whether you’re in a house or apartment, business or residence, we know we’ll find you very pleasant. Puget Sound Moving would love the opportunity to move you, near or far.

And we think you’ll love our service. At Puget Sound Moving, we’re known as reliable and trustworthy movers, because our staff is fully trained, experienced and knowledgeable. (And, yes, they’re also friendly.) Find out why we’re so popular by calling us at (206) 568-0600. We’re even nice on the phone.

While you’re on the line, ask us for a free, no-obligation moving quote. Tell us about your move, and we’ll give you an accurate estimate. Puget Sound Moving has been in this biz for a lot of years, so we know what we’re doing. If you’d rather, you can also ask for an online quote. (Unfortunately, our charm doesn’t come across quite so much that way.)
You’re welcome to get in touch with us whatever way suits you. (See how accommodating we are?) When you use the services of Puget Sound Moving, you also see how professional we are.

Our Moving Rates in Sammamish, Washington

Wondering how much it costs to move in Sammamish? Think it’s pretty expensive? Not so fast! Our moving rates are surprisingly affordable in Sammamish, Washington.

Many people who decide to move themselves regret it later. The long hours, sore muscles, and truck rental fees aren’t worth the relatively small savings. It takes a lot of time and muscle to move. Because we’re professionals at Puget Sound Moving, we have both!

We make moving as quick and painless as possible. We know the best way to carry your belongings, pack the truck, and unload your belongings. We don’t take a minute longer than necessary. Since we charge by the hour, that means savings for you.

Puget Sound Moving can tell you the best number of movers and trucks for your job. (We can make a lot of suggestions. Remember, we’re experts in the field!) Contact us at (206) 568-0600, and let’s get started.

Residential Moving Services in Sammamish

Moving to a new address in Sammamish, Washington? Where? Centrally located Beaver Lake is right on the water. Inglewood has a similar setting on Lake Sammamish. High Country is lovely, with large plots and lots of privacy. No matter where you’re headed in Sammamish, we don’t think you can go wrong.

Sometimes people have to leave our friendly city. We really hope their new locations are just as neighborly. Since Puget Sound Moving does long distance moves, too, we can transport you and your belongings nearby or far, far away.

You have lots of choices when you select Puget Sound Moving. We’ll take you to a new house or an apartment. We’ll move all your stuff or just do the heavy lifting. If you want, we’ll even pack for you.
Even short distance moves take a lot of time. Let us relieve you of some of that burden. What are friends for?

Sammamish Business & Office Moving

Citizens of Sammamish, Washington, have much higher than average incomes compared to the rest of the country.  That makes the city a great place for local businesses. So if you have to move your company, it could mean you’re expanding.

Whatever the reason, Puget Sound Moving relocates businesses and offices. Our experience tells us that commercial moves have one strong theme: get up and running again quickly. Down time is wasted time.

It’s pretty hard to make money when all your supplies, materials, equipment, and furniture are in transit. It’s also difficult to concentrate on business when you and your employees have to pack, transport, and unpack. There’s a simple solution: let Puget Sound Moving do it for you.
Not only can we get your entire office from point A to point B fast, we can box everything up for you. That way, you can focus on what you do best: running your business. We’ll concentrate on our specialty: getting people settled in their new location.

Local Sammamish Movers

When people and businesses move, many stay right here in Sammamish, Washington. What’s not to love in this friendly city? Puget Sound Moving handles local moves in Sammamish, from across the block to across the city. What the heck… we’ll cart your possessions anywhere in King County.

Even though your possessions aren’t traveling far, they still require full protection. Everything still needs to go into the truck, ride safely, and get unloaded. Puget Sound Moving never cuts corners on these tasks just because it’s a short trip. (Let’s be clear: we never cut corners, period!)
Local moving is affordable because we use hourly pricing. That means you pay only for the hours our movers are traveling and on the job. But they work just as hard as if they were moving you to Timbuktu. We don’t take anything for granted.

Long Distance Movers in Sammamish

Puget Sound Moving also does long distance moving in Sammamish, Washington.

If you have to move away from our friendly city, we’ll be sure to give you a neighborly wave as our truck pulls away from your new home.

How far are you going? Maybe the other side of the state… maybe the other side of the country… or maybe somewhere in between. Wherever you’re headed, we’re sad to see you go but happy to lend a hand. Or two. Or more.

Long distance moving isn’t an extravagant expense. Our clients actually have input about the price. Choose a flat fixed rate, and we’ll give you a quote after we know what and when we have to move.  We can also set the price based on the weight of your belongings. Which do you prefer? No, really, you pick. It’s all the same to us.
Call us at (206) 568-0600, and we’ll discuss pricing. We love to talk about moving. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Senior Moving Services

Moving isn’t easy for anyone. (Even we work hard at it.) But seniors who head to new addresses should be relaxing and maybe slowing down a little. Puget Sound Moving offers trustworthy, dependable, and considerate senior moving services in Sammamish, Washington.

Seniors might be looking forward to downsizing, joining family, or taking it easy at a retirement community. Even so, moving brings stress and concern. We transport belongings with respect and care. Stress levels plummet around us.

Besides handling the heavy lifting, we’ll take over packing, if you like. We’ll also unpack, if that’ll help. Everything gets treated with the utmost care and protected in the most appropriate way. You never have to worry about breakage.
Puget Sound Moving knows the secret to a safe transition. It’s simple, really:  we’re careful with every item from start to finish.

Specialty Moving Services in Sammamish – Piano, Hot Tubs, Pool Tables, Etc..

Have you got anything you’re concerned about moving? Maybe it’s big, heavy, expensive… or all three. Quit worrying! Puget Sound Movers are experienced specialty movers in Sammamish, Washington.

We’re not intimidated by heavy weight, large size, strange shape or high price tag. We love a challenge, but we’re not practicing on you. Puget Sound Movers have transported lots of things other movers avoid. Yes, we’re that good.

What’s gotta go? Here’s a sample of some items we’ve successfully transported without dents, scratches, tears, rips, gashes, cracks, holes, breaks, or gouges. No damage of any kind.

  • Pianos
  • Hot tubs
  • Pool tables
  • Artwork
  • Antiques
  • Medical and laboratory equipment       
  • Computers and accessories                                                                                                                  

Trust us. We use the proper protective materials in transport. If you’re having trouble relaxing, we offer extra insurance. It’s highly unlikely you’ll need it, but knowing it’s there sometimes makes the transition easier.

Storage Services for Sammamish, WA

No room for all your belongings? Want to make space for home construction work? Leaving town for a while but don’t want to drag everything along? No need to explain. Puget Sound Moving provides storage services in Sammamish, Washington.

Our facilities are for both residential and commercial customers. Each sturdy solid wood storage unit is 5 feet by 7 feet by 7 feet.  That’s big enough fit all kinds of stuff. Fill it with a bunch of little boxes or three gigantic pieces of furniture. Whatever. We provide space to meet our clients’ needs, whatever they are.

People want their belongings protected, so we’re on top of that. Our storage facilities have both a temperature control system and a security system. Nothing – and no one – is going to harm your items while they’re under our care.
If your possessions are in storage in Sammamish but you’re somewhere else, that’s not always convenient. We can help. We’ll pack everything and ship it to you, anytime, anywhere.

Packing Services

Since we just mentioned packing… let’s talk some more. Puget Sound Moving also offers packing services in Sammamish, Washington. (Is there no end to our talents?)

At Puget Sound Moving, we’re ISPM-15 certified packers. Impressed? Would you be if you knew it means we can pack anything and send it anywhere? We have both the necessary skills and the appropriate materials to pack your belongings safely. They’ll arrive intact and on time.
Both residential and commercial customers can take advantage of our packing expertise. Use it as much or as little as you want. We’ll box up a whole building or just one room… everything in (and out of) sight or just items that you’re really concerned about. We’ll give you as little or as much help as you want. You’re the boss!

For Sammamish Moving Services Contact Puget Sound Moving, Inc., at (206) 568-0600

At Puget Sound Moving, we like to think of our clients as neighbors. This is especially true in a friendly city like Sammamish. We’ve been in the greater Seattle area for a long time, so we really care about the people here. That’s why Puget Sound Moving offers a full range of top-quality moving services in Sammamish, Washington.

Heard enough yet? No? Well, you asked for it. We can go on and on…

  • The Better Business Bureau gave us an A+ rating. It doesn’t get any better than that!
  • The American Moving and Storage Association certified us as ProMovers because we meet their high standards.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured.
  • We have a reputation for being on time, professional, honest, and respectful… and we plan on keeping it that way!

Contact Puget Sound Moving at (206) 568-0600. Tell us all about your move, and we’ll tell you about all our services. We’re the honest, responsible (and friendly!) movers in Sammamish, Washington.

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