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Meet Cirdan Imbler – Owner Puget Sound Moving

Get to know the brains behind the operation. In an interview, Cirdan opens up about his journey since the startup of Puget Sound Moving, which went from a garage with two rental trucks and expanded into a thriving local, independent moving company that serves thousands of moving families, businesses and organizations proficiently.


Cirdan’s whole vision for Puget Sound Moving is to see each and every customer with a smile on his or her face, radiating their excitement about the future without the stress of trying to get there. Let’s see how Puget Sound Moving does it all.

Q: Why did you start Puget Sound Moving Company?

A: Because I had children to feed (Laughs). No, It was kind of interesting. With my old company, and I guess my personality, I looked at what they did well, and always saw what I wanted to improve and do better. Especially with a big franchise, the methods and the methodology that they use make them very successful. But, they were looking at getting that move, that day; It’s work for them – big volume, book the job.

For me, the moving process was starkly different. I knew that when I got a customer I could make them a customer for life if I could really be focused on delivering a really good service. There were a ton of moving companies out there but not a lot that delivered an honest, good level of service. That’s really what my motivation was. I wanted something here, local, Seattle. I had this vision from the beginning and hopefully it will look that way 20 years from now.

I asked myself what can I do to improve the level of service, to meet peoples’ expectations, exceed them, build a good reputation where people are going to value my service? I wanted people to fly our flag and be happy to say, ‘hey I went with Puget Sound Moving.’ And I wanted to build a company that people enjoy working for and have the same amount of passion[as me] because they know we’re delivering a really good service.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: That we have built our business based on the work that we have done. We didn’t start with anything. I started in my garage with 2 rental trucks and a good handful of guys who believed in me. I didn’t go get a loan. We earned everything that we got. Had to earn every move with zero reputation. Our great level of service gained us our success. Now we own 10 trucks and it has only been 5 years.

Q: Why should potential customers choose Puget Sound Moving over other moving companies?

A: Because you’re not just buying a service, you’re getting really good people. We are a local company who cares about common courtesy. Our moving crews do as well. You won’t find them taking smoke breaks or complaining about the furniture.

Also, we are a local, independent moving company. We provide you the ability to easily reach out to us at any time and get instant communication. When someone picks up the phone to reach us they are going to talk to a person right now, before, during and after a move.

Q: What’s on the agenda for near future?

A: As we grow, everything evolves. We are almost hitting the reset button on some of our internal practices. We want to try to make it so people can easily find us on all platforms. Want to be visible and connected. Our relationships have made a difference and will continue to.

Q: When you are not moving others what do you do in your free time around Seattle?

A: Like most guys, I’m a huge sports fan – a Seahawks season ticket holder. I love football but I love all sports and I’ve got 4 kids at home. You could call me a dance dad, because my oldest daughter is 12 and heavy into competitive dance. Which is odd, you know, you grow up as a young guy playing sports and then you end up at dance competitions and the dance studio every day. She and her dance team made it on America’s Got Talent, which is pretty fun. So I spend a fair amount of time at dance. My 6 year old dances too.

My 3 year old plays soccer. I was real competitive soccer player growing up, so it’s fun.

I like to golf too, but I don’t have any cool hobbies like building train sets or anything. Just normal everyday stuff with the kids.


Maybe Cirdan thinks he’s a normal guy but his company, and the reputation that surround him, are far from ordinary. Due to his dedication to helping people get the quality experience they deserve, Puget Sound Moving is a success. They are proud to have served 8,000 plus customers in the last five years. Cirdan knows that what separates a decent company from a good company is problem solving. Puget Sound Moving handles responsibility carefully and always prepares. He quotes Russell Wilson: “the separation is in the preparation.” Customers of Puget Sound will agree that their extensive preparation coupled with the fact that they love what they do, separates them from other moving companies. That’s a value you cannot buy.

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