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Long Distance Movers in Seattle Comparison

Choosing the Right Long Distance Moving Company in Seattle

Puget Sound Moving vs. a Van Line Service?

So you’ve decided that it’s time to make the big move. You have a destination and you’re ready to start comparing quotes from long distance moving companies in Seattle. You have many options to choose from, though, so how should you start making this comparison?

One of the easiest ways to do this is by price, but simply hiring the cheapest moving company in Seattle isn’t always the best option. Your move is an important experience and you want to make sure your property is properly packed and arrives safely.

In addition to the integrity of your personal items and family possessions, there are numerous other factors to take into consideration. For instance, does the company offer you a guaranteed delivery date? Is there any chance your items will be misplaced, lost or stolen while in transit? Does the company offer insurance in case this happens? You’ll want to think about these things when shopping around for long distance moving companies.

How Does Puget Sound Moving Compare?

When comparing Puget Sound Moving to Van Line Service or any other long distance mover, you want to ask some questions about company policy and practice:

Do You Have a Guaranteed Delivery Date?

Puget Sound Moving develops a schedule and adheres to it. This means that once your delivery date is set, you can be sure your items will arrive at the place and time specified—guaranteed.

Other moving companies will typically spread delivery dates along a time frame. They may specify delivery within a 5-day window, leaving you guessing exactly when the team will show up with your property. Because of this, they will also avoid offering any guarantees about the delivery date; if it comes a week later than expected, you simply have to deal with the inconvenience caused.

How Many Times Do Packages get Loaded/Unloaded?

Puget Sound Moving specializes in direct shipping. This means that your possessions get loaded into a truck once and shipped directly to your destination without ever being unloaded or transferred to a different vehicle.

Moving companies that do not offer direct shipping services will typically load and unload shipments into other trucks or at warehouses during the moving process. Your property can find itself left overnight in unknown locations that may or may not be properly secured against theft or damage.

Are Trucks Shared with Those of Other Customers?

Truck sharing is a common moneysaving tactic used by long distance movers. By combining your items with those of other customers going to nearby locations, the company saves on fuel costs, but also introduces the possibility of losing or misplacing your property.

At Puget Sound Moving, trucks are never shared between customers. Once loaded into our truck, your personal property is sent directly to its destination without being mixed up with anyone else’s. This makes delivery faster, simpler and much safer.

Are Pick-ups and Drop-offs Made on The Way?

Since moving companies regularly share trucks to save money, it stands to reason that they will stop and start along the way to your destination as many times as necessary to pick up as much property as possible for a single trip. This makes moving a confusing but profitable enterprise for them.

Puget Sound Moving’s professional movers are instructed to stop only for food, fuel and bathroom breaks. No secondary pick-ups or drop-offs are made at any point on the route to your destination. This is the only way to ensure reliable delivery dates even on cross-country moves.

Does a Dedicated Team Handle the Move?

Having a single, dedicated team dedicated to your move is the best way to ensure that your property makes its way safely and securely to its destination. Puget Sound Moving assigns specific movers to each move, ensuring that the same individual movers take care of packing, loading, transporting and unloading your goods.

When long distance movers in Seattle transfer responsibilities between separate moving teams, they introduce an element of danger to the process. The pick-up team has no idea what is being moved or how the items were packed, and they can easily damage items without knowing it.

Where is Your Point of Contact?

One of the most important questions to ask is whom you can get in touch with if anything goes wrong with your move. Puget Sound Moving dedicates its local office to your move, giving you a single point of contact for all your concerns. Your booking agent, origin agent, transportation agent and destination agent are integrated into a single phone number you can call anytime, day or night.

When multiple offices are responsible for various elements of the moving process, bureaucracy and confusion set in as soon as an issue arises. You can easily find yourself directed to multiple agents in multiple locations, each one sending you to a different office for specific claims or questions. Addressing your concerns becomes a serious challenge as the company shrugs off its accountability.

In the end, the main difference between Puget Sound Moving and other long distance moving companies in Seattle can be seen in the scope of the company’s mission. At Puget Sound Moving, making your move as simple and secure as we can takes priority over filling trucks and completing as many shipments as possible. We offer value to our customers by ensuring the fastest, safest and most professional moving experience we can. Call us for a quote on your move today and see for yourself!

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