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Moving from Seattle to San Diego with Puget Sound Moving

San Diego is a popular destination for individuals and families moving out of Seattle, WA, who prefer the sunny weather, the warm city culture and its place as a major hub of international commerce in the region. The city is equally sought-after as a moving destination for its industrial sector as it is for its educational facilities and high living standards.

Moving from Seattle to San Diego with Puget Sound Moving

Information on San Diego, California and Its History

When moving to a new city, it helps to have some background on the place you’re about to call home. San Diego has a population of about 1.4 million people, making it the second-largest city in California and the eighth largest in the United States. It straddles the border with Mexico at Tijuana and is considered the birthplace of California.

Historically, San Diego spent more time as a Spanish colony and then as an independent Mexican city than it has as a modern US city. It was originally claimed as Spanish territory in 1542, making it older than the original thirteen colonies. It was incorporated into the United States in 1850 and quickly became one of the most important cities in the region—only recently being displaced by newer California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The citywide culture of San Diego is very different from that of Seattle. The city has a sizable Hispanic population, making up more than quarter of its population according to the 2010 U.S. Census. There is a very strong naval presence in the city, which features the only major submarine and shipbuilding yard on the West Coast. The city also operates as a government-designated Foreign Trade Zone, giving it special advantages in the economic sector due to its proximity to Mexico.

Best Neighborhoods in San Diego, CA

Whether you’re planning on moving to San Diego for business purposes or relocating for education or its highly reputable medical services, it helps to develop a good idea for the best neighborhoods in the area:

  • Little Italy—Located near downtown San Diego, Little Italy is at the center of the citywide hustle and bustle. It offers a great point of access to the city’s best amenities as well as a charming neighborhood spirit. It is among one of the few communities in the city that has its own community board. The Little Italy Association tends to historical buildings in the area, boosts local businesses, and deals with municipal issues such as broken streetlights with professionalism.
  • Carmel Valley—Carmel Valley is a relatively recent development with a sizable population of young professionals. It’s an upscale neighborhood with an average per-capita income in the six-figure range. For safety, cleanliness and a rental or resale property value, it gets top marks. However, cost of living tends to be high and public transport options are not easily accessible.
  • Ocean Beach—This charming suburb offers the best of the beach life that you don’t quite get in upstate Washington. It features a local farmer’s market that is great for people who prefer fresh produce to supermarket imports and features a population that is a mix of young professionals, new-age hippies and surfers. It’s also great for local activities, as both Sea World and the San Diego Zoo are right next door.
  • Old Town—If you love historical buildings and culture, Old Town is the place to be. Located in the center of San Diego, it has 17 museums, award-winning restaurants and hundreds of shops and boutiques. It’s great for young professionals, but not the best choice for families who prefer peace and quiet and great local childcare options.
  • Balboa Park—Speaking of peace, quiet and great childcare options, there are few better places to settle than in Balboa Park if these are a priority for you. The area has a great neighborhood feel, with lots of parks and excellent local schools.

What You Need to Know When Moving to San Diego, CA

We offer rapid moving services from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA, with a travel distance of less than 24 hours thanks to our non-stop transport. You’ll want to acquaint yourself with some of the local sources of news, events and activities to make your transition into San Diegan life a smooth one:

  • TripAdvisor has over 1,000 activities and more than 4,000 different restaurants on its San Diego page. Use this to get the feel of your future home and the neighborhood you’re looking to move into.
  • has great resources for local activities and nightlife. San Diego is well known for its craft beer culture, which is heavily represented on the website. It also has great resources for local surf spots, hikes and other outdoor activities.
  • is worth taking a look at whether you’re looking to open a business, get permits or simply become acquainted with your local elected officials. The website offers digital access to the San Diego Public Library, which offers a wealth of useful information for newcomers to the city. We also recommend using the site’s comprehensive crime data and statistic map to learn about the safety of your future neighborhood.
  • The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System is your first stop for information on local public transport, including the cities famous trolleys. Here, you can find out how accessible your future home is by public transport and apply for your fare card to enjoy unlimited use of the city’s municipal transport services.

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