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Moving from Seattle to San Jose with Puget Sound Moving

San Jose, capital of Silicon Valley, is one of the fastest-growing cities in California. While long kept under the shadow of larger cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, in recent decades it has become an important center of commerce in the high tech industry. It boasts the highest household median income in the United States, making it an affluent city whose lifestyle and culture reflect a high standard—and cost—of living for its residents.  Our long distance movers in Seattle are happy to relocate you to San Jose, CA.

Moving to San Jose, CA from Seattle, WA With Puget Sound Moving

Information on San Jose, California and Its History

Before deciding to move to San Jose, it can be helpful to learn about your new home’s history. The city was originally founded by the Spanish Empire, which it was a part of for fifty years before coming under the rule of Mexico for another thirty. In 1848, it became part of the United States and was an early West Coast aviation hub shortly thereafter. San Jose’s penchant for technological development started in 1953 when IBM opened a research and development laboratory in the city—the very laboratory that invented the hard disk drive in your computer today.

Most of the city’s newer buildings are multifamily structures, thanks to an urban sprawl-reducing Smart Growth initiative that has dominated residential development since 1980. More than three-quarters of all new housing projects built since the year 2000 are multifamily homes.

Best Neighborhoods in San Jose, CA

San Jose is one of California’s most diverse cities, with the 2010 U.S. Census reflecting a nearly equal mix of White, Hispanic and Asian residents. Foreign-born residents account for 39% of the population. The two largest age demographics in the city of San Jose are people aged 25 to 44 and children under the age of 18, accounting for more than half of the city’s population. The median household income is $76,963, making it the highest among any major U.S. city.

  • Blossom Valley—This is one of the best neighborhoods for families moving to San Jose, CA thanks to its selection of great schools and medical facilities. It’s a clean area with tree-lined streets and a plethora of outdoor dining spots, yet it remains quiet and tranquil enough to avoid the big city feel common to highly developed neighborhoods. Even better, most parking in the area is free.
  • Willow Glen—This quiet residential neighborhood might be the perfect place for raising a new family. Houses tend to be larger than in nearby neighborhoods and the vast majority of local stores, delis, boutiques and restaurants are locally owned, giving the area a rustic neighborhood atmosphere only minutes from downtown. This is the location of San Jose City College, as well, so you’ll see plenty of student activity in the area.
  • North Valley—Housing tends to be more affordable in North Valley, where a wealth of commercial real estate opportunities attracts new business owners in a wide variety of non-tech fields. The neighborhood is also home to numerous academics that benefit from its proximity to the Universities of Palo Alto, Santa Cruz and Berkeley.
  • Silver Creek Valley—This small, country-club style neighborhood is one of the newest and nicest areas in the region. Silver Creek is separated from the main city hub by a long, uninhabited country road that maintains the tranquility of the area well. Luxury homes and golf courses are the norm here, but at surprisingly affordable prices thanks to the considerable commute to the city center.
  • Downtown—If you love the feel of a bustling metropolis and want to be in the center of the local action, there is no better place to be than downtown. High-rise condominiums are plentiful, as are modest Victorian-style homes, but you can expect land value to be at a premium here. Festivals and art galleries, dominate the culture of downtown San Jose. The area is also very pedestrian-friendly, so if you prefer walking to driving to work, you’ll love it.

What You Need to Know When Moving to San Jose, CA

Puget Sound Moving is happy to introduce you to the San Jose lifestyle, and can help you set up a new life in the Bay Area tech capital in less than 24 hours, thanks to a relatively short travel distance from Seattle, WA. Before moving, you’ll want to bookmark the following pages so that you can quickly integrate yourself into Silicon Valley life:

  •—If you’re planning on opening a business or want to get area-specific statistics on demographics or crime rates, this is the best place to start. You can also access the website’s calendar to learn about local events at any of the area’s museums and libraries, which include some of the largest and most reputable in the country like the Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. Library.
  •—Here you can learn about local cultural events, including concerts and public festivals. The website also has a section specifically for newcomers to San Jose, with public transport maps and directories for residential neighborhoods, local education and even places of worship.
  • The Mercury News—San Jose’s premier lifestyle paper covers local news, events and sports. It’s Business & Tech section is a great place to get started on acquainting yourself with the industry that gave this place the name Silicon Valley.
  •—This is the best place to learn about local cafes, restaurants and nightlife spots. The website caters primarily to the younger crowd, with introductions to some of the most popular dining spots and bars in the city. It is a good place to start if you want to get to know the people who make up the young professional scene that fills the offices of San Jose’s numerous tech giants.

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