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Moving from Seattle to Phoenix with Puget Sound Moving

There are many reasons why people hire seattle moving companies and move to Phoenix, AZ. As the sixth most populous city in the United States, Phoenix offers a hot desert climate and a booming economy in the real estate, finance, manufacturing and healthcare industries. When you choose us as your preferred long distance movers in Seattle, WA, you guarantee a smooth transition even as far south as Phoenix, but you’ll want to get to know the city before planting down your roots in Arizona’s largest city.

Moving To Phoenix, AZ from Seattle, WA with Puget Sound Moving

Information on Phoenix, Arizona and Its History

Phoenix incorporated in 1868 and earned a presidential land patent in 1874. It became the state capital in 1912 and enjoyed accelerated growth thereafter, thanks to reinvigorated interest in developing the West. It became an industrial and manufacturing powerhouse during World War II thanks to a large untapped labor pool, convincing many reputable companies to set up their headquarters in the city.

The economic importance of Phoenix is still seen today, with a particular focus on the high-tech and medical industries. Major companies like Samsung, Intel and McDonnell Douglas have opened facilities in the area within the last half-century, turning it into the metropolis it is today.

The culture of Phoenix is a diverse and relatively affluent one. The racial composition of the city stands at a roughly 40-60 ratio between a Hispanic minority and a White majority as of the 2010 U.S. Census, with significant cultural mixture occurring at all levels of society. The population of Phoenix is also significantly younger than that of most similarly sized US cities.

Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix, AZ

  • Arcadia contains some of Phoenix’s most desirable addresses, including homes with gorgeous views and excellent access to Camelback Mountain. Arcadia has some of the best restaurants and shops in the city. Homes in Arcadia tend to prominently display citrus groves, a callback to the time when this part of the city was dedicated to orange, lemon and grapefruit farming.
  • Surprise is one of the fastest-growing cities in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. It is served by the Dysart Unified School District and is also home to the Arizona Charter Academy. Surprise boasts some of the lowest property taxes in the state, making it very attractive to new homebuyers.
  • Tempe is home to Arizona State University, which is also the area’s primary employer. It is known for a thriving alternative music scene and its famous bar district—all the attractions you’d expect of the primarily younger, college-age residents. The largest IKEA store on the West Coast is located here, as well, so you’ll have no problem decorating your new home.
  • Roosevelt Row is an arts district located just east of Central Phoenix. This is the place to be for young creative professionals of all kinds, with urban renovation taking place at a breakneck pace and some of the cities most decorated galleries and museums in the vicinity. Locals like to call it “RoRo.”
  • Scottsdale is located just north of Phoenix and offers a mix of quiet suburban residential life with lively arts, culture and nightclub scene. Scottsdale has established itself as a tourist destination, both for annual retreats and wellness spas. Its medical presence is also strong thanks to the Mayo Clinic choosing this city as one of its three major headquarter cities.
  • Chandler is a hub of high-tech manufacturing, in no small part due to Intel being its #1 local employer, with more than 10,000 positions filled locally. Chandler also has a great selection of parks, museums and sports facilities. It is conveniently close to both the University of Phoenix and Arizona State University.

What You Need to Know When Moving to Phoenix, AZ

Living in Phoenix, AZ or any of its major suburbs can be a great experience. To make the most of it, you’ll want to acquaint yourself with its most important sources of resident information:

  • is directed towards tourists, but offers a wide selection of activities and events that cater well to new residents as well. Find out about local arts and culture events, outdoor trips and local sports events through this website.
  • Valley Metro is the primary means of public transportation in Phoenix, AZ, with buses and railways crisscrossing most of the cities vital areas. Many buses and trolleys throughout suburbs like Scottsdale are free, so it pays to acquaint yourself with their routes even if you’re used to driving.
  • AZCentral is a great source of local events, including concerts, festivals and cultural showcases of all kinds. This is a great publication for introducing newcomers to the culture of the city and its residents.
  • The City of Phoenix offers some useful information and services on its city website. This is the place to start if you’re planning on opening a business in the city or if you want to access local fire or police facilities.

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