Does Puget Sound Moving Provide Commercial and Office Moves?

Let’s talk a little bit about office and commercial moves. Does Puget Sound Moving provide commercial and office moves?


We have great experience in commercial and office space. You can go to our website and take a look at the number of companies that we’ve worked with and helped relocate over the years. You can have a small one or two-person office, large medical office, any type of large or small professional office, any industry that you’re in. There are some industrial tools that we don’t move. As far as that goes, there is a small number of limitations that we have. We don’t do any crane-based work. If you have items that require a crane, or items that require flatbed semis, things like that, those are things that we don’t take care of. We’ve moved large warehouses, many large warehouses, industrial shelving racks that require inventorying, cubicle takedown and set up.

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