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Why Choose Puget Sound Moving as Your Seattle Mover?

Hi, this is Cirdan Imbler with Puget Sound Moving.

Why should you choose Puget Sound Moving? What separates us from our competition?

One of the things that separates us from a large number of our competitors is the fact that we are 100% locally based. Not only are our offices here in western Washington, all of our employees are here in western Washington and all of them grew up in western Washington. Our staff, they had been here in the Seattle area for 20 plus years, and some have been here for 50 plus years. We know the area, and being that we’re here local, our offices our local, we’re one phone call or one email away. Communication is key prior to the move.

It’s preparing for the move. The fact that my staff is going to ask all the right questions before we get out there on moving day. They are all well-trained and well-experienced to ask you all the right questions and to make sure that you have a clear expectation. That’s something that’s very important to us and something that I think we do a great job of. We give you a clear expectation and reasonable expectation of moving day, as far as cost and as far as what to expect. If we feel like your move is gonna be a full day with two trucks and a four-man crew, that’s what we’re gonna tell you. We’re not gonna tell you that we hope to get the move down with a three-man crew in a four or five hour work day.

We want to ensure that you’re happy at the end of the move, so we’re not the company who’s gonna tell you best case scenario. We’re certainly gonna try to provide and we are gonna provide best case scenario in terms of the movers that we have. Our movers are fantastic. They’re very efficient and they do a great job at balancing being efficient out there on moving day and ensuring that everything gets done the right way. We want to move all of your things safely and get it to your new home in the same shape that it’s in now. We’re lucky to have a lot of the moving crews that we do. They come with a lot of experience and they also come with a lot of motivation to see to it that you’re happy at the end of the move. Those are some of the things that separate Puget Sound Moving from the competition.

We’d love to hear from you and look forward to talking with you.

Puget Sound Moving, Inc
1316 Central Avenue S #220
Kent, WA 98032

(253) 852-4001

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