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What If Something is Damaged During My Move?

It’s Cirdan Imbler here with Puget Sound Moving.

I wanted to discuss just a little bit what happens if something is damaged on your move.

First of all, Puget Sound Moving is fully insured, so we have all the necessary protection: cargo insurance, liability insurance, workman’s comp, and whatnot.

So let’s discuss a little bit about the particular case of your move as an example. Let’s say you have a coffee table that gets scratched. One of the things that commonly we hear and we see from people prior to the move when we’re talking to them over the phone or emailing back and forth, the assumption is being a professional mover, everything is fully covered, all of the furniture is fully covered. And that’s not the case. So in the state of Washington, all licensed moving companies are required to provide basic valuation at no cost. Basic valuation is not insurance. So it is no charge to you, but let’s go over a scenario. Let’s say your coffee table weighs 100 pounds. The basic valuation covers a scratch or a damage or full loss at 60 cents per pound, and that’s for each item. It’s per article that you have. So at 100 pounds, the damage coverage or replacement coverage, if you do choose basic valuation, is $60, and it really doesn’t matter if you bought that coffee table for $20 at a garage sale or you bought it for $500 at a furniture store. You’re covered under basic valuation. Now, you do have the opportunity to purchase additional valuation, and you do have options. What we suggest to people first before you look into additional coverage or insurance is to talk to your insurance agent.

Many homeowners and renters insurance do cover moves. Some of them cover a portion of the move, and some of them will cover the move depending on where you’re going to and from, if you’re moving in state, out of state, whatever the case may be. Some don’t cover in transport, so you want to go over in detail what your insurance covers. Most policies that I see cover relocation, so you may not have to buy a secondary policy because your furniture is covered at your new home, in our truck, and at the time of the load at your old place where you’re moving out of. So definitely cover that base with your insurance agent.

Make sure you’re covered, and if you’re not, you can buy full coverage. You can buy full coverage valuation through Puget Sound Moving, and we also have a large insurance company. It’s the largest moving insurance company in the country that we work with, and we recommend their policies because you can build them to fit your move. You can insure just a few items, or you can insure everything that you have, and it’s true insurance. So the cost and the effectiveness of the policy is just something we highly recommend if you don’t have coverage anywhere else.

So I hope that gave you some insight. We’d be happy to discuss any questions you have further, and we’ll look forward to talking with you soon.

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