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What To Do To Make Moving Day Efficient and Cost Effective

Hi guys. Cirdan Imbler here with Puget Sound Moving.

I wanna share just a little bit of advice, some things that you can potentially do to ensure that moving day is efficient and as cost effective possible. One of the things that you can do prior to the time that we show up, is to ensure that everything that can be packed into a box is packed into a box. If you have anything throughout your home prior to the time that we show up that you don’t know how to pack or you can’t pack, obviously we’re happy to pack everything in your home or just the few remaining items. And anything that you can do to ensure that again things are prepped prior to the time that we arrive, it’s just gonna expedite the move and ensure that we get all your items to your new home as quickly and efficiently and safely as possible.

So, get everything packed, get everything into boxes and make sure you pack the right way. We have, you know, tips and tutorials on our website. You can get some great information. Ask one of our representatives if you need some more detailed information of how to pack things correctly and have them organized. Label the boxes and label the furniture. It can expedite the unload in particular when we’re getting everything in your new home. Label the boxes and label the furniture, whether it be just using a colored post-it note or larger pieces of paper. That way, when we’re unloading everything at your new home, we know where’s it’s gonna go. You know, you may have two, three, four or, you know, a larger crew out there, two, three or four movers or more out there that are gonna be moving things, you know, quickly, efficiently, you know, unloading. And as opposed to trying to tell them where each and every box or each piece of furniture, you know, may go at your new home, label your furniture and label your boxes, you know, as it coordinates to your new home. So you can put labels on the doors of your new home, the bedroom doors: “bedroom one,” “bedroom two,” “bedroom three,” you know, “master,” you know, very simple: “living room,” if you have multiple, you know, living rooms, family rooms. That way, when they’re grabbing the boxes out of the truck, they know exactly where that box needs to go when they’re moving that piece of furniture and they know exactly where that piece of furniture needs to go. So just a couple of things that can help expedite your move.

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